Top Lessons People Took Away From Other People’s Weddings

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Some people have been fortunate enough to attend dozens of weddings throughout their lives, and with that experience comes a lot of essential advice. The perfect wedding is attainable, and recently, men and women have met online to reveal the best lessons they learned from attending other people’s weddings over the years.

1. An Open Bar is a Must

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I speak from experience: Nothing makes me turn on a wedding faster than finding out there’s a cash bar at the wedding. For generations, wedding guests have made their opinions known: An open bar is a must-have at any wedding, big or small. While having an open bar increases a wedding’s cost, it’s money well spent.

2. The Best Speeches Are the Shortest Speeches

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It doesn’t matter if the best man is the funniest person in the world; wedding guests’ attention spans start waning after about two minutes of listening to a stranger speak. Keep speeches short. Besides, at that point, most guests are impatiently waiting to either eat, drink, or start dancing!

3. Be Thoughtful With the Invitations

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When crafting their guest list, the bride and groom should consider the wedding venue and who would be physically able to attend! Know your audience, people. “If you’re going to have the reception in a two-story barn with a lot of stairs, maybe you shouldn’t invite the elderly and a severely disabled man,” advises one hopefully-not-elderly-or-disabled man.

4. Destination Weddings Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

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If the thought of inviting hundreds of people to your wedding makes your bank account tremble, consider a destination wedding. Not only are they infinitely more manageable, but they also serve as a deterrent for unwanted guests. “Destination weddings make it really easy to make sure the people you don’t like can’t come to your wedding,” advises one savvy groom.

5. It’s Okay To Be a Bridezilla

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Ladies, think about it: Unless something goes awry, you will only have one wedding in your lifetime. Countless brides confess they were too hands-off during the planning process and the wedding itself, resulting in an experience they wish would’ve been better. Remember, this is your day; being a slight bridezilla is okay!

6. Choose the Officiant Wisely

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If having a traditional religious ceremony isn’t your idea of a perfect wedding, make sure the person who officiates reflects that decision. Otherwise, it might get awkward.

“Do not have a preacher perform the ceremony if he is going to spend the majority of the ceremony trying to convert the guests to Christianity,” explains one guest. “The ceremony should be about the bride and groom, not an opportunity for you to earn heaven credits.”

7. Follow Your Wife’s Lead

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This lesson is for any man who just found himself married to the love of his life: If your new wife takes a drink out of your hand during the reception, let it be. Don’t walk over to the bar and get another one. Trust me; she knows best.

8. Set Guidelines For Your Guests

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Feel free to tell your guests how to behave on your special day. Countless people lament the rise of amateur family photographers ruining official photos. If you hire the best wedding photographer around, it’s okay to want to maximize their skills. So instruct your guests to permanently leave their cell phones in their pockets throughout the wedding.

9. It’s Important To Think Practically

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Some common sense thoughts can slip your mind during a wedding, so always thinking critically is essential. For example, think twice about holding onto flowers for the wedding ceremony. One person learned this lesson the hard way.

“Do not hold your bridal flowers during the entire ceremony; hand them off to your maid of honor when getting to the altar,” explains one woman. “My aunt held hers throughout the entire excruciatingly long Catholic ceremony, and since they were cheap flowers, they dripped ugly, dirty brown water all over the front of her dress.”

10. Don’t Invite Ex-Girlfriends or Boyfriends

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This lesson shouldn’t have to be explicitly stated, but here we are. It doesn’t matter if you and your ex are on friendly, speaking terms — eliminate the possibility of any drama infiltrating your wedding and keep your ex-significant others off the guest list.

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