10 Big Things That Are Absolutely Complete No-Nos at Weddings

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Even in 2023, it’s apparent that millions of people still don’t know how to act at weddings. Recently, wedding guests met in an online discussion to reveal the biggest no-nos, from stealing the bride’s thunder to wearing white — and everything in between. Think of this as a cheat sheet of how not to behave at weddings!

1. Announcing Your Own Engagement

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We’ve all watched that episode of Friends, haven’t we? It doesn’t matter how madly in love you are with your significant other; don’t steal the thunder from the bride and groom on their special day. On a related note, announcing you’re pregnant is also a big no-no! Remember, this day isn’t about you in any way, shape, or form.

2. Telling the Bride Anything Negative

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A woman’s wedding is one of the happiest days of her life, so you shouldn’t burden her with minor hiccups that affect you in the most negligible way possible. “At my cousin’s wedding, one of the guests told the bride that the buffet was out of roast beef,” recalls one woman. “She’s stressed out enough, and she doesn’t need to know. Somebody else should take care of it. Tell the wedding coordinator or the maid of honor.”

3. Not Adhering To Your RSVP

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It’s simple: If you marked “attending” on your RSVP, attend the wedding. Conversely, if you marked “not attending,” stay home. Countless brides and grooms recall stories of being horrified at the number of people who didn’t bother to show up after RSVPing “yes,” and who showed up after RSVPing “no!”

4. Wearing White

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The easiest way to turn the blushing bride into a bridezilla is to show up in a white dress as a guest. It doesn’t matter how amazing you look or how much weight you’ve lost; wearing white to someone else’s wedding is one of the biggest no-nos!

5. Bringing Kids To a Child-Free Wedding

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It doesn’t matter if your babysitter canceled last minute; leave the kids at home if children aren’t invited to the wedding! “We had a child-free wedding this year,” reports one woman. “All the guests knew, and then a couple (who we had told personally not to bring their child) turned up with their baby. It really put me in a sour mood with them and caused issues with people asking why their child was allowed but not their own.”

6. Going Off-Script During Speeches

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If you’re one of the lucky few in the wedding party deemed responsible enough to give a speech, don’t say anything you might regret. More specifically, refrain from telling embarrassing stories about the bride and groom — even if you have a few hilarious tales to tell that will almost certainly kickstart a newfound standup comedy career.

7. Showing Up Underdressed

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One person puts it all into perspective: If you can’t dress nice, stay home! “The most common issue I have seen in real life is guests being underdressed,” explains one man. “People show up in boots, camo, t-shirts, etc. It’s not the end of the world, but if you can’t get dressed up for a wedding, what do you dress up for? It’s one of the most formal events a normal person will attend.”

8. Drinking Too Much

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Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting you stay sober during a wedding because that sounds like no fun whatsoever. Do, however, drink responsibly. I’ve seen many receptions ruined by unruly guests having one too many alcoholic beverages and destroying the vibe the bride and groom had worked so meticulously to present.

9. Getting Out of Your Seat During the Ceremony

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Is there deep joy in getting out of your seat during the reception with an oversized iPad in your hands and then taking photos while standing in the middle of the aisle, blocking the view of the actual photographer? Many people reveal this is a common occurrence in 2023. So, needless to say, this behavior needs to stop.

10. Being an Irresponsible Groomsman

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present the best advice I’ve ever heard a minister give. “Pastor here. Groomsmen, you are an unfortunate necessity,” he explains.

“You’re only there, so pictures don’t look lopsided. Get your tux on time, and be sober during the ceremony — you will be rewarded with free booze and a bridesmaid legally obligated to dance with you. Don’t make a scene, and you’ll be allowed to remain friends with your newly-married friend. How you morons routinely screw this up is amazing to me.” Words to live by!

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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