10 Honest Confessions About What Men Were Thinking as Their Brides Walked Down the Aisle

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The bride’s walk down the aisle toward her groom is a highly emotional and memorable moment during a wedding ceremony. As the music plays and all eyes turn towards the bride, you may have wondered about the groom’s thoughts.

Groom Confessions

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I remember asking my husband what he was thinking, and he said: “I just kept thinking about how I was going to carry you in that big gown without tumbling us.” But billions of men live on earth; surely their thoughts can’t be the same. Men in an online forum share their sentiments on their big day.

1. No Regrets

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Initially, one user admitted being pretty upset about how much they had spent on the wedding. But everything changed as soon as I saw her walking down the aisle. He thought, “I could have paid 30 times over the amount to live this moment over and over again.”

2. This is The Right Thing

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Even though he’s been married for over 20 years, this man still remembers that It felt like a constant euphoric rush. He says it’s one of the few times in his life that he profoundly felt that he was doing something right.

3. No Shoes?

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One individual was surprised to see his bride without her shoes. She warned him, but he didn’t listen. So as his bride approached him, he thought, “Wow, she wasn’t joking about not wearing shoes.” A second person said that his wife wore ballet slippers. She felt completely comfortable. “Not wearing shoes can be healthier!” says a third. “As long as you don’t walk through dirty alleyways.”

4. Teary-Eyed Groom

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One was overly happy that his happiness” failed him” because he admitted to bawling through the vows. A second person narrates how he told his wife he would not cry. When she walked down the aisle and they held hands, it looked good until he lost it when it was time to say the vows. “She could hardly hear me.”

5. Brain Hiatus

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When he wasn’t a groom, this person noticed that he always had three to four things going on in his thoughts and an internal monologue that never stopped talking. Surprisingly, his brain shut off on his wedding day. Leaving him to take it all in as he watched the love of his life approach. There is no excitement or nervousness, only smiles. At that moment, the closest thing he had was pure joy.

6. The Sun Saved The Day

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So this guy was delighted it was a beautiful day for his bride. When he saw his wife, he could only think, “Thank goodness the sun came out five minutes ago, or she’s gonna be MAD.”

A second man who had an outdoor wedding at a nearby state park recalls that the forecast had been beautiful for the entire week leading up to the big day, but it drizzled on that day, and his bride was upset. But he thought kissing her with little droplets of water on her face was quite romantic while smiling. He acknowledges that it was the best moment of his life.

7. I’ll Do It Again

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For this man, the big day, and the whole event, was the most amazing day he’d had. When she walked around the corner and started down the aisle with her father, he thought, “Wow- I’m doing it. And it feels right.” She looked beyond happy and proud. Then he started thinking that I had to get through the vows and hold it together.

This was someone initially against marriage due to family experiences and personal beliefs. But here he was, thinking he would love to do the whole day again. He changed his mind after witnessing a close friend (who was also against marriage like him) marry the long love of his life because he knew he was dying. Only then did he realize the significance of commitment and embrace marriage.

8. The Miserable Groom

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One’s wedding day is the “wrongest” time to deal with a sensitive bowel. But such is the case of the white groom who had a Hindu wedding and was concerned that he would have an accident on stage during the entire ceremony.

He had eaten some bad food two days before the wedding. He had to rise and sit back down around five times during the ceremony while seated on the floor of the mandap, which he describes as a true test of his sphincter strength. Describing the situation as an “absolute misery.” But he prides himself in containing his situation so well that his wife didn’t sense his discomfort.

9. A Comic Moment

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“What in the world are she and her parents doing coming around the side instead of down the aisle?” This was the exact thought of this groom. As per his explanation, the wedding ceremony was held in the open air, where the absence of walls might have led to a state of perplexity. Subsequently, they found it rather amusing.

10. A Breathless Moment

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This man confesses to feeling breathless the whole time as he thought her to be more beautiful at this moment than he’s ever seen her as she walked toward him. Sometimes he had to make sure he was still breathing.

He felt a huge lump in his throat, his chest hurt, and he wondered if that was why he couldn’t breathe. “I didn’t pass out or anything,” he says. “I was, for the first time in my life, 100% breathless. It was scary and amazing all at the same time.”

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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