10 Most Bridezilla Moments That Wedding Shop Workers Have Endured

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Stress levels might rise for various reasons at weddings due to the high emotional significance and expectations. It might bring out the worst in some brides-to-be. Wedding shop workers, consultants, and vendors, who often bear the brunt of brides’ unreasonable demands, can attest to the existence of “bridezilla moments.” Members of an online community discuss their worst experiences with the Bridezilla.

1. The Cake Smashing Story

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A bakery worker narrates how one bridezilla went ballistic when she saw her cake wasn’t up to her standards. Without a second thought, she went all Hulk on it and smashed it to pieces with her bare fist. She had inadvertently broken the wrong cake meant for another bride. Justifiably, she ended up in cuffs; the cops took her away.

2. The Declined Impromptu Consultation

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A florist, who had her fair share of demanding brides-to-be, talks about a “bridezilla” who graced their shop on one of the year’s busiest days — Mother’s Day. She waltzed and requested an on-the-spot bridal consultation.

Despite the day’s chaos, they did their best to accommodate her and her groom-to-be and scheduled an appointment a month in advance. But the bride-to-be and her groom lingered around and pounced on any staff member who entered the walk-in cooler with bridal questions.

3. Bridezilla Goes Color-Crazy

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“I had a bride freak out at me and my band mates because our instruments weren’t white or salmon colored to fit in with the decorations,” a wedding band member recounts.

The bride seemed more concerned about the instruments’ color than the music’s quality. According to the band member, she griped about how they would ruin the photographs. Even though he was playing during the reception, all the photos were already taken.

4. The Cruel Momzilla

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For some, it’s the momzilla for them! A user’s worst-case scenario from working in a bridal boutique was a bride with a history of weight problems. She had put much effort over the past year to reduce her weight.

Everyone volunteered to assist her since it was a slow day at the shop, and they had all heard her story and loved it. She burst into tears when she tried on her dream dress for the first time. She turned to her mother for feedback, and her mother promptly told her, “You look fat in it.”

5. The Drunk Bridezilla

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Someone who worked at a hotel once had a bridezilla throw a big Galaxy cell phone at them unprovoked and hit them in the face. The former hotel worker described them as a “really drunk group of frat-like guys.”

6. The Accuser Bridezilla

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One individual recounts a series of escalating incidents involving a bride who exhibited bridezilla behavior leading up to her wedding. It began with accusations of the wedding server staff stealing her veil, only for it to be found in her room.

Later, she accused a front desk employee of stealing her wedding boots, disproved by a photograph showing the shoes on the church staircase. The situation deteriorated when she frantically opened wedding gifts and accused someone of stealing her wedding certificate. The manager, fed up with the chaos, gathered the wedding staff, had them empty their jackets, and instructed them to go home.

7. The Poor Groom-to-be

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An ex “bridal consultant” shares their experience with one couple. This couple came in to start a fresh registration, which quickly became all about the bride. Anything the groom wanted to put on the registry was deemed “childish, stupid, ugly, impractical, and never-to-be-used.” “The poor man just wanted a waffle maker. Who doesn’t want waffles,” they conclude.

8. The Jealous Sister

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“One day,” an ex-bridal store employee recounts, “I had a bride-to-be shopping for a gown, and she had brought her Mom, Aunt, and sister (who had just become a new mom) with her to her appointment.”

The sister was envious that the bride was now the center of attention, rather than her and her new baby. The sister decided to change her newborn’s diaper in the dressing room while the ex-employee was fitting the bride in a $2500 Lazaro Bridal Gown and proceeded to hold the diaper full of excretions up to the gold-colored gown and scream, “Look, the colors almost match!”

9. Agreement Turned Accusation

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So this baker in the forum tells how she faced a challenging request from a bride who wanted a navy-to-white ombre cake made with white sponges. The baker explains that achieving dark colors in a white cake often results in poor taste due to the high amount of gel coloring required.

They suggested making the darker layers of chocolate instead, and the bride agreed. However, the bride became furious on the wedding day when she discovered that the bottom tier of the cake was chocolate.

She accused the baker of ruining her wedding and threw a temper tantrum, locking herself in the bridal suite. But If she had allowed the staff to cut the cake, she would have realized that most of the cake was made with white sponges as she had desired.

10. Endless Wedding Fabric Fiascos

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“When I worked at a fabric store, if I heard someone mention a wedding, I would intentionally go to another department to work,” one user confesses. According to her account, it became a recurring pattern that every bride who entered the store required 25 yards of discounted fabric that had been discontinued.

But they never have the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), just a small sample piece, which would require considerable time to locate. If the fabric couldn’t be miraculously summoned, the brides would become extremely upset, citing the urgency of their impending weddings with no table runners in sight. It became increasingly difficult to feel sympathy for their predicament.

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