10 Most Outrageous Things People Witnessed Guests Doing at Weddings

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You’re bound to see plenty of outrageous things when you go to enough weddings. It’s wild; some people lose all sense of right and wrong when attending these events! Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal all the unreal things that went down during weddings they’ve attended.

1. A Best Man’s Proposal

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There’s one surefire way to steal the thunder of the bride and groom if you’re the best man: Propose to your girlfriend during your best man speech! To score even more brownie points, don’t run this information by the bride and groom before you take the microphone. I’m shocked this guy didn’t get thrown out of the reception.

2. A Guest Steals All the Wine

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Most wedding guests are unaware of the newlyweds’ financial situation, so you should think twice about claiming all unopened bottles of wine as your own at the end of the reception! “The couple had bought their own alcohol and was paying a corkage fee to the reception venue,” explains one woman.

“One guest assumed it was free booze and was filling the trunk of their car with bottles off all the tables. The bride’s mother noticed her walking off with a table’s bottle and followed to see what the heck she was doing. It was awkward.”

3. The Entitled Mother

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One bride will never forget when one of her friends insisted on bringing her two-year-old daughter to her child-free wedding — and constantly asked for the DJ’s music to be turned down because it was too loud for her child! This wedding guest took “being entitled” to a whole new level.

4. The DJ Makes a Huge Error

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Here’s some advice to future brides and grooms: It should go without saying, but never give the DJ carte blanche to do whatever he wants. Remember: It’s your wedding! “The DJ stupidly opened up the microphone to anyone who wanted to make a speech,” recalls one man.

“This was after an open bar. One guest spoke about all the times the bride and groom were on the rocks from his cheating. An old family friend gave a tearful account of how she had wanted the bride to marry her son instead. And another family friend told stories of the groom as a child—killing small animals. It was an amazing wedding.”

5. The Worst Groomsman Ever

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According to one groom, he still hasn’t forgiven one specific groomsman for his behavior. The story goes like this: The groomsman drank too much and proceeded to relieve himself next to a potted plant beside the groom’s grandmother, who uses a wheelchair.

The groom’s grandfather witnessed all this and punched the groomsman in the face. Okay, this is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard, and I fully support the grandfather’s actions!

6. The GOAT Wedding

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Book the venue next to an animal farm to ensure people will never forget your wedding. “A wedding I was at was next to a goat farm, and the goats bleated through the whole ceremony,” explains one woman. “Do you BAAAA take BAAAA? They weren’t guests, but it was ridiculous.”

7. The Heist of the Century

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Whether or not we witnessed the act, some wedding memories will live on in our heads forever. “One time, the bride’s cousin stole the basket full of checks and cash,” one woman flatly recalls. Well, that’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard. Wow.

8. A Drunken Mishap

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Drinking too much during a wedding reception is a common pratfall that most people have succumbed to. However, one guest recalls when one of the bridesmaids drank to the point where she fell down a flight of stairs at the reception, breaking her legs and spending the following year in a wheelchair! Drink responsibly, people!

9. So Many Bad Decisions

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Some things are so outrageous that it’s astonishing that these people exist! I can’t imagine the confusion (and rage) the bride and groom felt at this moment.

“My cousin wore white, then tracked us down as we were trying to make our entrance as husband and wife,” recalls one man. “She demanded we pose for a picture with her, then walked with us for the entrance.” This woman is genuinely nightmare fuel for all future brides and grooms.

10. A Terrible Accident

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One guest wins the award for “Worst Wedding Guest Ever.” A few years ago, one drunken guest managed to not only break the bathroom sink, causing him to be rushed to the hospital with a severe laceration on his hand, but he also caused a flood that spread onto the dance floor of the reception hall. Now that’s one way to be remembered. But we don’t recommend it!

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