10 of the Biggest Regrets People Have About Their Weddings

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While having the perfect dream wedding is the goal for anyone about to get married, the reality is that’s much easier said than done. Recently, newly-married couples met in an online discussion to reveal their wedding-related decisions that they instantly regretted!

1. Wearing Their Hair Down

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For many brides, wearing their hair up or down is one of the most excruciating decisions throughout the wedding. One bride ultimately made the wrong decision during her special day. “I wore my hair down and made the wrong choice,” she laments. “It was humid, so it had puffed up by the night’s end, and it was still a sticky ball of hairspray. I didn’t have many pins, but it still felt like my hair weighed 20 pounds afterward.”

2. Not Hiring a Cleaning Crew

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One couple revealed they didn’t hire a cleaning crew for their reception. We can all guess what they had to do afterward, right? Talk about your all-time regrets. I hope some of their guests stuck around after to help them clean.

3. Forgetting To Eat Their Cake

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I realize time flies when you’re at your wedding, but forgetting to eat a slice of your cake by the end of the evening is unacceptable! “We had a groom’s cake; it was in the shape of a Super Nintendo,” recalls one hungry husband.

“It was all kinds of chocolate. It was very delicious at the tasting. It was gone before I could get a piece, even though the darn thing was named after me. I hate everyone at my wedding for eating my cake.” I can’t lie; I love how he still harbors resentment about everything.

4. Picking an Inexperienced Wedding Coordinator

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Every couple looks for ways to save a few dollars on their big day. Unsurprisingly, many look to cut costs on wedding planners and coordinators. Predictably, most of these newlyweds had to deal with general chaos and poor planning in the days leading up to their special day, leading to them wishing they had shelled out the money for someone more professional.

5. Being Distracted From Your Wife Walking Down the Aisle

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While a pastor quietly “coaching” the groom is standard practice to ensure a smooth ceremony, one instance led the groom to miss his bride’s entrance completely! “The preacher started coaching me on ‘what’s next’ as my gorgeous bride-to-be was walking down the aisle,” recalls one man.

“I did not get to take in the most beautiful woman I ever saw walk down the aisle because I was trying to pay attention to what he was saying.” At least he can always watch the wedding video.

6. Making Cupcakes Instead of Buying a Cake

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If anyone reading this wants to know the best way to make your wedding even more stressful, bake 200 cupcakes instead of buying a wedding cake! Most people wouldn’t bake 200 cupcakes if someone paid them to do it, let alone bake cupcakes for their wedding.

7. Inviting Too Many People

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Countless couples confess they got too caught up in inviting too many people. Not only is it expensive, but they also admit they felt pressured to invite more people they didn’t necessarily want to come. In addition, the gifts these extraneous guests gave are never as good as gifts from your closest friends!

8. Allowing Parents To Invite Guests

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Giving your parents carte blanche to invite whomever they want to your wedding seems like a bad idea, but many couples admit they were pressured to do so! As a result, their special day was filled with their parents’ friends, whom they were never close to.

9. Not Hiring a Photographer

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Passing on a professional photographer is one of the easiest ways to cut wedding costs. Still, putting pressure on your inebriated friends to take pictures throughout the night is risky. “We thought we’d save money and just ask friends to take lots of pictures,” says one bride. “They took some, but I have maybe five pictures worth looking at. No photos of the cake or table settings. I kind of forget what they look like. ”

10. Not Preparing a Speech

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While it’s common for the bride or groom to give a short speech thanking everyone for attending, you’d think these speeches would be prepared in advance, right? According to many newly-married couples, they decided to speak without preparing a speech beforehand and report giving messy, champagne-induced speeches that did not come across as eloquent as they intended! I bet they wish they could have a re-do on them.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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