10 Real-Life Wedding Objections That Stole the Spotlight

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Love is a powerful force that brings people together, but sometimes, amidst the wedding day bliss, reality decides to make a dramatic entrance. Imagine standing at the altar, hearts pounding, only to have someone utter those infamous words: “I object!” It sounds like a scene ripped straight out of a movie, but believe it or not, these shocking moments have unfolded in real life.

Not Like the Movies

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It’s a thing of fairy tales and Hollywood movies, but these sorts of things happen in real life every once in a while. Here are some stories from an online forum of people who objected and those who were readying to marry when someone said those infamous words.

10 True Stories of Someone Saying “I Object” at a Wedding

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In this captivating collection of true stories, we dive into the world of weddings gone awry as we uncover ten remarkable tales of objection. From hidden secrets and surprising revelations to unexpected pranks and even shotgun weddings, these extraordinary moments remind us that life is full of unexpected twists and turns, even on the most magical of days.

1. Bankrupt Groom

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A lawyer was repeatedly trying to serve papers to a gentleman who had, for years, refused to pay court-ordered child and spousal support to his ex-wife. According to the lawyer, he came from money, and “everything he owned was in someone else’s name, except the house.”

So, after months of trying to contact this man to serve him papers for his back support, the lawyer found out that the man was getting married. Moreover, he’d invited his children, whom he refused to take care of, to his wedding.

The lawyer sent his process server disguised as a delivery lady to the wedding. She managed to successfully serve the man who, as you can imagine, didn’t take kindly to the situation. He got slapped with involuntary bankruptcy until the lawyer put a lien on the house to ensure he made future payments.

To this day, the lawyer says, “I consider it to be one of my finest cases.”

2. Spurned Spouse

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A woman posted an interesting story recently about what happened when she planned to escort her employer, who is blind, to a wedding.

After kicking her husband out for what she calls “an unforgivable crime,” the woman went to work for her then-employer. She doesn’t say whether they reconciled, but eight years later, her employer asked her to escort him to a wedding, and she agreed. The wedding, she says, “was for a daughter of another employee whom I did not know.”

The night before the wedding, she finally got the invitation as she needed to know the time and location of the ceremony and the appropriate way to dress. After seeing the invitation, she noted that it was quite strange that the groom had her husband’s exact first, middle, and last name.

After contacting the bride’s mother, she asked some questions and advised them that the man was already married with two children after confirming what she thought. Needless to say, “The wedding was called off.” The following Monday, the wife got served with divorce papers.

3. Shotgun Wedding

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A man posted a tale about his uncle’s penchant for pulling a good prank on his friends. He said that his uncle loved a tremendous practical joke, and whenever someone in his group of friends would get married, the guy would hammer away at the pranks.

One day one of his friends said, “Just wait until it’s your turn to get married.” The man laughingly replied, “I’m never going to get married.”

The nephew recounts that one day his uncle decided to get married and, feeling the need, warned his bride-to-be that his friends “are going to want revenge. Be ready.”

The pranks and practical jokes never came. The wedding planning went without a hitch until the officiant said, “If anyone should know why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

From the back of the church came a resounding, “STOP THE WEDDING!” A man wearing farmer’s overalls and toting a shotgun was holding the hand of a very pregnant and upset young woman. Together they marched forward, and after surveying the bride and groom and the crowd, the man ceremoniously said, “Wrong church!” The gun-wielding dad and the young woman ran out before anyone could stop them.

4. Honeymoon Phase

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Everyone likely expects an objection to a wedding to come from one of two places: a family member of the bride or groom or a former partner. This story doesn’t disappoint. According to a friend of the groom, the man was getting married after never really having much of a love life. “He was over 40 and had never really dated,” his friend disclosed.

The friend said that the couple was only going to honeymoon over the weekend because the man couldn’t take time off work. When it came time for anyone to object, the man’s mother stood up and said, “I object!”

The church was ‘hear a pin drop’ silent until she said. “I talked to his boss, and he has the whole week off. Here are two round-trip tickets to Hawaii. I love you.”

She sat down to the rich sound of applause, and the couple were still married and are now parents to a little boy.

5. Mother-in-Law Mania

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Everyone’s heard of a terrible mother-in-law, but this story might take the cake. When asked about wedding objections, a forum poster had a doozy of a tale. During their sophomore year of college, they worked as a ‘wedding planner’s assistant’ and were privy to a tense exchange between a bride and her soon-to-be mother-in-law. Here’s the scoop.

Matt and Lily were set to get married, and Matt’s mother, Shannon, didn’t make a peep until their engagement party. Their wedding planner’s name was Alyssa, and she got a not-so-nice call from Shannon demanding to know what wedding arrangements “had been made thus far.” Then she tried to force Alyssa to consent to her suggestions.

When that didn’t work, she used nasty trash-talk to down Lily every chance she got. On the wedding day, our storyteller was in charge of keeping Shannon from the bridal area. They said Shannon showed up in a white dress, “looking like a cream puff.”

Shannon walked into the church’s foyer without fussing when barred from the bridal area. On the other hand, Lily looked gaunt and exasperated, having put up with Shannon’s constant nagging.

Eventually, the wedding got underway, and as some weddings do, the inevitable line about anyone who objects to the marriage came up. Shannon, of course, took this opportunity to take center stage. The assistant said she heard Alyssa hiss under her breath, but no one reacted as fast as Lilly. She turned and yelled at Shannon, “Shut up!” Then, when Shannon tried to talk, Lily threw her bouquet at her.

Shannon left, and surprisingly, Matt and Lily are still married. They have a year-old son, and Matt was trying to get Lily to allow Shannon to be part of their lives for the sake of their son. She was starting to give in because Shannon ‘had changed.’

Our story poster admits that she can’t confirm whether Shannon had turned over a new leaf as she hadn’t talked to Alyssa in some time.

6. Taken for a Ride

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People marry for various reasons, and not all marriages last. A man was dating a woman and calmly showed up at her wedding to warn her new husband. Here’s how that went.

A young woman had been dating a great guy for nearly a year while in college. When her friends got her wedding invite, they noticed that the groom’s name wasn’t the same as the guy she’d been seeing.

When they questioned her, she said, “He’s my parent’s choice. He’ll never be my love.” When the wedding day came, the boyfriend came and showed the groom texts from his now-wife.

“If it were only messages, I would have ignored it. But your wife is blackmailing me into continuing the affair by threatening to show some pictures she has of my sister. I don’t care about what she has on my sister. But I do know that you are being taken for a ride. You should be aware of what you’re marrying.”

The threat was too much for the boyfriend, and we’re guessing that she also lost the groom — nothing like nuking every relationship you have all in one go.

7. Potty Break

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Children have a knack for not caring about adult things when nature calls. One boy certainly had no time for nuptials.

A woman posted that her uncle was getting married to a ‘horrible’ woman, and while it’s not entirely relevant to the story, it is a matter of her strong opinion. Anyway, they got the ceremony underway, and when the pastor said, “Does anyone object,” the bride and groom were thankful his grandparents — who didn’t care for her — were quiet.

That’s when the poster’s little brother, who was about six at the time, popped his hand up and said, “I do. I have to go to the toilet, and this is taking too long.”

8. Uninvited Guest

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A man tells a story about when his father and his father’s best friend attended a wedding uninvited. Being a bit crazy, they tended to do things like this.

When they got to the wedding, it became apparent that the groom had left his bride-to-be for a woman he loved. His father’s friend approached the bride’s father and said, “I will marry your daughter if you allow me to do so.” The man who posted the story claims, “30 years have passed, and they still live happily together.”

9. You’re Gonna Need a Lawyer

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One forum commenter relayed this story about their buddy. The friend had found out that her boyfriend of two years was getting married to another woman. She discovered she was carrying the man’s child the night before the wedding.

The next day she made her way to the wedding and calmly sat in the back, waiting for her turn to speak. She calmly walked down the aisle when the preacher asked for any objections. Then she told him, the bride, and everyone else in attendance some intimate details about the groom’s love life that corroborated her story.

The wedding was canceled, and the groom got sued by his former fiancĂ© and her family for the cost of the wedding and for child support…twice. His former girlfriend and his former fiancĂ©, who’d found out later that she was also pregnant, sued him for child support.

10. Please Leave

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Years ago, a woman was due to marry her long-time boyfriend. They’d been together for years but had grown apart, despite planning a wedding together. She knew that her groom was really in love with someone else.

She effectively canceled the ceremony at the wedding by saying she “didn’t want to be married to a man who was not 100% in it for her.” She added that her “marriage shouldn’t be based on obligation and duty.”

After she canceled the wedding, she politely asked her former fiancé to leave and informed everyone else that they were welcome to enjoy the catered meal as her family already paid for it.

‘Til Death and All That

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While most ceremonies in the United States have nixed requesting objections at weddings, in places like India, it is still prevalent. And who can argue that it leads to memorable experiences, even if they aren’t always so great for the bride and groom?

Have you ever witnessed an objection at a wedding? Share your story in the comments!

This story was inspired by conversations on Quora and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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