10 Ridiculous Wedding Questions That Left Brides Scratching Their Heads

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Planning a wedding can be hectic and a lot of work. There are so many things to put in place, from the food to the professional photographers and then the clothes. Everything has to be on point. For most people, it is an event that only happens once in their life, so they try their best to get it right. Sometimes, everything doesn’t come out as planned, or things come up out of nowhere. These things can become extra stressors on the part of the couples. Now, imagine within all that planning, guests come to the couple with the most ridiculous questions like are dogs allowed at the venue? Some people discussed the craziest wedding questions they ever got leading up to their wedding.

1. Can I Bring My Kid?

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A bride talked about the question she got three months before her small wedding. A friend asked her if she could bring her child as an exception to their “No Kids” rule. Fine. They agreed. Two weeks before the wedding, the woman asked again if her mother could come too because her mother would be alone in the hotel since they’d be taking the kid. The user cracked, said no, and told her she should ask her mom to babysit. She did, and there were no kids at their wedding, just as they wanted.

2. Are You Paying for My Hair & Makeup?

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One bride said she had an aunt, who was just a guest, ask what time the bride scheduled her hair and makeup. “Sorry, but I can’t be covering these services for everyone who’s attending the wedding,” the bride told her aunt.  She seemed to take it okay over text. She was on the harmlessly ditsy side, so the bride took it all with a good laugh.

3. Will You Change the Date of Your Wedding?

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About a month before a wedding, a guest had someone ask if the user could change their date at the last minute because they recently got engaged to their fiance and coincidentally planned their own date on the same day. The first bride ensured the woman was no longer invited to the wedding.

4. You’re Really Going to Use Black Linens?

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One bride had to deal with a family member asking if she could change the reception table linens. They were black and came free with the venue. “It’d be another $1000 to get a different color,” said the bride. “I asked why they were against black it’s a forbidden color to use for weddings. Only pastel colors are allowed. Guess what? I’m keeping the black.”

5. Just Triple Checking… You’re Sure I Can’t Bring My Kid?

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A bride said her cousins texted, “Just triple-checking… no kids?” She wondered if they thought she’d change her mind after double-checking. It just made no sense that after they’d asked for the first and third time, they still asked for the third time as though the frequent asking would change anything.

6. Will You Hold My Baby?

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A wedding coordinator said at one wedding, she was hanging out in the foyer while a ceremony was going on inside. A woman stepped out with her baby, who was fussing, and she looked at the coordinator and her assistant and went, “I know they say no children, but I had to bring her anyways. I want to watch them make their vows. Will you hold her?” She passed her 6-month-old baby to them, strangers, and walked back into the venue.

7. Did You Notice How Small the Hotel Rooms Are?

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About three days after another bride’s wedding, her mother-in-law complained that the photos of her hotel room looked a lot smaller than some of the other rooms and asked if the bride was aware of the issue. She complained about it at least twice on the wedding day, too. She’d specifically asked for the cheapest possible room available. So, the $400 per night suites would be bigger than the $90 room she wanted originally.

8. Can We Sing Karaoke at The Reception?

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One bride said her mother-in-law had been asking on behalf of her boyfriend if he can sing karaoke (specifically the song “Du Hast” by Rammstein) with the band at the wedding. They were actually serious about the weird request, and the mother-in-law got angry when she was turned down.

9. Your Wedding Date is the Same as My Son’s Birthday… Would You Change It?

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Another bride said her sister called her the week before the wedding to say that her son’s 10th birthday was on the wedding date. Since the wedding was going to be in Italy, she assumed her sister was calling to let her know that she wouldn’t be able to make it, which was fine. Instead, she started trying to get the bride to move her wedding date for her. She asked if the date had any special meaning for the couple if the location was important, and if they could find another venue.

10. Why Didn’t You Include Any Dog-Friendly Hotels in Your Room Block?

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One bride said she had guests ask what hotels were dog-friendly in the area and why she didn’t include them in her hotel blocks. “Like, I’m sorry,” the user said. “I forgot I was Google, and also, I thought you could leave your labs at home.”

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