10 Seriously Underrated Wedding Themes That Everyone Wants To Attend

a man and a woman in period costume and wigs and holding a theatrical mask
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We all know weddings are a joyous occasion, but why not take it up a notch and plan a fun theme party to add a personal touch to the big day? Read further as we dive into ten underrated wedding themes members of an online community wish to attend.

1. Carnival: A Tent-tastic Wedding

Carnival wedding theme

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Imagine a vibrant environment full of cotton candy machines, Ferris wheels, moko jumbies, magicians, carnival games, and much more under a giant red and white tent. From the whimsical decor to the delicious carnival-inspired food, members share they would love to experience it.

2. Halloween: Spooktacular Experience

Halloween wedding

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Picture a bride walking down the aisle with black roses towards the groom in a dashing black suit adorned with a pumpkin boutonniere. Behind him, you see the officiant dressed as a ghost. Spooky trees, black cats, and bats are all around you. You’re pouring punch from a cauldron with dry ice and munching on spooky-looking hors d’oeuvres.

Members are thrilled by the endless possibilities of playing around with this hauntingly beautiful theme!

3. Vintage Celestial: Starry Nights

vintage wedding

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For many who adore a touch of nostalgia and wizardry, this theme is the best way to celebrate a magical match. Brass candlesticks, tables adorned with gold accents, constellation-themed center tables, and twinkling stars all around you would make for a truly enchanting atmosphere!

And not to forget that the bride and groom, dressed in vintage attire, would look like absolute celestial royalty.

4. Christmas: Two Celebrations in One

christmas wedding

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Festivity delights excite countless users. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to celebrate your love than with a Christmas-themed wedding? Imagine cozy blankets, hot cocoa, and the scent of cinnamon in the air! It’s the perfect excuse to be under the mistletoe.

5. Game of Thrones: The Red Wedding With a Happy Ending

bride and groom

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Fans can not get enough of the political intrigue, epic battles, and fantastical elements of this addictive show, so it is no surprise many mention wanting the show to come to life. While the show’s display of weddings isn’t optimistic, a theme party can be a good way to achieve the happily-ever-after in our parallel universe.

From intricate costumes to medieval-inspired decor, it would be a true feast for the senses. And remember the incredible decor opportunity – think swords and dragons!

6. Met Gala Matrimony: Love Meets Fashion

stylish wedding couple

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Drooling over the recent looks from the event? Thinking about the tweaks you could’ve made to pull off the look? This would be the perfect opportunity! Think of dramatic outfits, bold makeup, and outrageous hairstyles. The possibilities for jaw-dropping fashion statements are endless.

7. Alice in Wonderland: Tea-riffic Nuptials

wedding flowers

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One individual share dreaming of a garden-filled celebration with oversized teacups. Imagine a white rabbit hopping down the aisle, leading the bride to a mesmerizing canopy filled with colorful flowers. Many express excitement over nibbling ‘eat me’ treats and ‘drink me’ potions.

8. Wes Anderson: A Whimsical World

Dance of the bride on the wedding dance floor

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Think quirkiness and vibrant colors! A decor with vintage pop art, bold hues of yellow and pink, and intricate patterns is just what one user longs for. Guests can wear their best pastel-colored, vintage-inspired outfits and dance to playful music!

9. Library: A New Chapter

library themed wedding

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For all the book nerds who relish the gothic atmosphere of Jane Eyre or find themselves waiting for their Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth, there is no better way to celebrate love. According to a user, this theme would add a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it a memorable experience for all involved.

10: Video Game: Level Up the Love


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Playing Mario Kart at a wedding? Dancing to Wii Sports? With a video game-styled event, your guests will no longer be waiting around with bored faces.

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