Shocking Things Guests Did That Dumbfounded Couples on Their Wedding Day

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While most people want their wedding to go precisely as planned, most of the time, at least one thing happens that you couldn’t anticipate. A user on an online forum asked married people to share stories about their wedding guests who did something completely shocking. People replied in the thread.

1. Surprise Wedding Hero

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A man and his wife had a small wedding with about 20 guests. A random person neither of the two knew, showed up at the reception and headed to the bar. He asked for the tab, paid it, and left. The staff at the venue didn’t know who he was, and the couple never saw the man again, even though they wished they had a chance to thank him.

2. Bitter Mother in Law

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A couple decided to have a small, intimate wedding, but one of their mothers had pushed for a lavish one. During the ceremony and reception, this mother rolled her eyes and scoffed the entire time. Bitter much?

3. A Cousin’s Bad Choice

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One respondent says their cousin made bad choices at their wedding, resulting in a terrible accident. The cousin decided to snag an $800 bottle of wine from the couple’s pile of gifts. After opening the bottle, she tripped and spilled the whole bottle all over the bride’s wedding gown. “We remind her of this every holiday she is at our house by giving her a plastic cup with a lid on it to use,” they write.

4. Wedding Dress Fiasco

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One shocked bride shares that she invited her old roommate to her wedding, who showed up in her own wedding dress. “Not a dress that was white or looked like a wedding dress. The actual dress she wore to her wedding a few months earlier. Who does that?”

5. We’re in the Wrong Place

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At one wedding, a couple arrived at the venue and signed the guest book before sitting down to wait for the ceremony to begin. After looking around at all the other guests, they realized they were at the wrong wedding because they didn’t recognize anyone. They quickly left but couldn’t erase their signatures from the guest book.

6. Preparing for the Fight to Break Out

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One commenter says they invited their two divorced parents to their wedding. The divorced couple’s split was unpleasant, and they hadn’t talked since their marriage ended. The bride and groom thought the two would fight at the wedding when they saw each other, but they were civil and didn’t ruin the day for their child.

7. Where is Everyone?

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A couple was disappointed when a guest was a no-show at their wedding. But the next day, they found out it was a misunderstanding when the guest showed up at the venue, thinking the wedding was on for that day instead. “She went out and bought a new dress and everything for the event. I really just feel sorry for her. She missed a good time,” they add.

8. Pizza Delivery!

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At a wedding with a massive buffet of food to feed guests at the reception, one drunk cousin ordered a few pizzas to be delivered to the venue. Needless to say, the couple was confused and not happy.

9. No Shows

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One couple hosted their wedding at a dry venue and let their wedding guests know that they wouldn’t be served alcohol. They invited around 150 people, but only fifteen showed up. Although the couple was offended and disappointed, they had the wedding of a lifetime and said they “Wouldn’t do it over for all the world.”

10. Piggy Bank

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There was a pleasant surprise at a wedding when the maid of honor pulled out a piggy bank during her speech at the reception. She placed it on the table in front of the couple and asked guests to fill it with spare change to help pay for the honeymoon.

“It genuinely surprised me how much spare change people were carrying with them at the wedding,” the bride states. “We got a couple hundred dollars extra for the honeymoon!”

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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