Things That You Can Happily Say at a Wedding but Not at a Funeral

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As we navigate the delicate balance between celebrations and sad farewells, it’s crucial to be mindful of our words and considerate of the occasion. Weddings and funerals hold distinct places in our lives, each deserving the appropriate sentiments and expressions. In this lighthearted article, members of an online forum share ten things they can happily say at a wedding but not at a funeral.

1. “Congratulations!”

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One person recalls a time when their non-English-speaking mom unintentionally offered her congratulations at a funeral. The horrified reactions of others made her wonder what the problem was. Let’s cut her some slack, folks! She was trying to be nice.

This incident reminds me of the early days of internet slang when well-meaning moms mistakenly thought LOL meant “Lots Of Love.” Needless to say, many inadvertently disastrous texts were sent.

2. “That’s Going To Be You One Day!”

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The last thing you want to tell someone at a funeral is, “I hope I’m next.” If you don’t want concerned friends blowing up your phone, saving that sentence for a wedding is better. Alternatively, let’s avoid telling someone they are next in line, especially during a somber occasion like a funeral.

3. “This Is the Happiest Day of My Life”

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Funerals are not gleeful, save for a few members who think one’s departure from this world is to be celebrated. One user mentions how they’ve requested their wife to have an open bar and ice cream parlor for his funeral. As the credits roll to conclude his life, he wants Super Mario’s sound effects to be the closing track.

4. “Let’s Do a Silly Photo This Time”

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Saying this is a bad idea unless we’re talking about Irish funerals. As many users mention, while the ceremony is somber, it is often followed by a visit to the pub. Jokes are exchanged, drinks are chugged, and several silly photos are taken.

An Irish member shares how when their father passed away, his last request was that the first sibling to sob at his funeral would have to buy others a drink as a punishment!

5. “Doesn’t She Look Lovely in That Dress?”

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While every bride-to-be loves hearing how beautiful they look in their wedding gowns, the last person you’d want to compliment for their outfit is the deceased lying in their casket.

6. “You Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous.”

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Every bride or groom adores the praise on their special day. However, telling the dead they’re drop-dead gorgeous would be a massive misstep.

7. “I’m Proud To Say That I’m the One Who’s Responsible for Us Being Here Today”

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If you’re saying these words at your funeral, you’ll be the first to return from the dead. Prevent the zombie apocalypse and save it for your wedding toast.

8. “About Time”

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Typically, you’d want to use the phrase for something you’ve wanted to happen for eons. However, one member mentions how he’d say this at his older brother’s funeral because he seems to be taking too long. Ouch.

9. “Couldn’t Have Happened to a Better Guy”

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The jury is out on this one as someone contests that you can say this provided you use a melancholic tone. However, suggesting that death couldn’t have happened to a better guy seems insensitive to us!

10. “Maybe This Time, It’ll Work Out”

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I don’t think saying this at a wedding is appropriate, either. However, if you’re saying this at someone’s funeral, you’re indicating it’s not the first time they’ve died. Creepy.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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