10 Wildest Interruptions and Objections People Witnessed at Weddings

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Weddings are meant to be memorable, but these interruptions and objections took them to a new level. From unrequited love to shocking confessions, members of a forum share several stories reminding us that even the most carefully planned events can take unexpected twists and turns.

1. Love Knows No Boundaries, Not Even Step-Families

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One person shares how they were at their mom’s friend’s wedding, a man in his mid-40s marrying a 25-year-old. When exchanging vows, the priest asks if there are any objections.

And what do you know, the bride’s step-brother, of all people, shouts, “I object!” Amid gasps and shocking glances, he rants about how he’s been in love with her and is better than the groom.

2. Timing is Everything, Even in Betrayal

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Here’s yet another dramatic scene shared by a member. Two days before the wedding, the groom discovered that the bride was cheating on him. He waited for the wedding day to unravel the secret while exchanging vows.

3. Snarky Grandmother Takes Center Stage

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Cynical family members objecting during wedding vows is a common theme here. Someone’s uncle was getting married, and as the minister spoke, the grandmother interjected at each line with snarky remarks. While the ceremony proceeded at the time, the couple divorced within a year.

4. Minister’s No-Objections Policy Backfires

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Let’s hear it from the minister! One person mentions asking his minister friend if objections were allowed during the ceremonies he officiated. He said no and shared the story where an otherwise happy couple met its downfall.

The previously excited bride was shockingly somber on her big day. During the service, as the minister asked for objections, the bride shoved the maid of honor in her spot and told her to marry the groom instead since she was having an affair with him!

5. Groom’s Guilty Confession

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During another event, the groom confessed to cheating and couldn’t proceed with the wedding. At least the guy had remorse.

6. Wedding Bells Turn to Wedding Farewells

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Many unfaithful partners get busted right on their big day. Another person shares how at a wedding they attended; the groom got isolated by the officiant, his father, and the bride’s father while everyone else awkwardly waived. Later the bride’s father comes out and tells everyone the wedding is off.

7. A Gruesome Tribute to Love

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In a morbid and unexpected twist, one groom decides to express his gratitude for being able to marry his bride by… thanking her ex for dying.

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, the deceased ex’s sons are present at the wedding, adding an eerie layer to the already bizarre situation.

8. The Surprise That Backfired Spectacularly

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Public proposals can be a dealbreaker in reality. A guy planned a birthday party for his girlfriend that was intended to be a surprise wedding. When he surprised her with a proposal, she simply said no and left.

9. The Perceptive Daughter’s Pleas

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Another person shares how their uncle’s wedding was interrupted by the bride’s daughter constantly begging her mom not to marry the guy. In retrospect, the daughter was right, and the marriage didn’t last.

10. Bless You, Dad, for Making This Wedding Unforgettable

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Not all interruptions are horrible. Someone shares how at one wedding when the priest asked if there were any objections, the bride’s father let out the loudest sneeze ever! His wife swore at him, leading everyone in attendance to lose their composure.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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