Bride Cuts Groom’s Debbie Downer Best Friend from the Wedding Guest List. Was She Wrong?

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One of the biggest areas of stress in wedding planning is often related to the guest list. You want to be surrounded by positive people on the big day– so what do you do if you’ve got a Negative Nancy among your potential guests? Find out what happened when one bride was faced with this dilemma.

A Little Backstory

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A woman, we’ll call Kim, recently shared a post on an online forum that she and her soon-to-be-husband Max have been dating for six years and are getting married in July. Kim asked Max not to invite his friend Sebastian, who she deemed a negative person.

Max and Sebastian met at school and aren’t best friends, but they text and video call while visiting for parties and events.

The Groom Objects to His Bride’s Request

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Kim clarified she was not a bridezilla, but Max immediately said no, which was the end of the conversation. She reiterated, “I’m not a crazy bride,” before explaining Sebastian is “the most Debbie Downer person” she’s ever met.

She Doesn’t Want Him to Bring Down the Joyful Vibe

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She elaborated that Sebastian defined the person who changes the ambiance of a chill mood to collectively bring everyone down. He’s a “sweet guy” and a “great friend too,” but she doesn’t want him to kill the vibe.

He’s Like a Human Dementor

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Kim explained the last time they all got together with friends. They discussed having children, getting older, grey hair, and wrinkles.

Still, Sebastian gave some depressing story of not seeing himself turn 30. Everyone laughed it off, but she didn’t find it funny. “He’s like a human Dementor.”

Now the Groom is Upset With His Bride

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Finally, she clarified that Max wasn’t upset with her, but he told his mother, and she felt the judgment coming from her during their last visit.

“As I said, I’m not a bridezilla, and Sebastian is going to the wedding. So it isn’t that deep! But am I the bad guy for suggesting that?”

Here is how the internet responded.

1. Bridezilla

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The fact that Kim stated she wasn’t a bridezilla and then reiterated the statement caused one user to call her out by saying, “That’s exactly what a bridezilla would say.”

2. Dry Humor

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One questioned how making the statement about turning 30 was dry humor, and Kim would never make it in Britain with her lack of sense of humor.

3. You Are the Judgmental One

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“You feel judged?” This user questioned how Kim would make a statement when she was judging her future husband’s friend, who has a history and cares deeply.

4. It’s Called Compromise

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“It’s called compromise.” For example, one user explained that Sebastian gets the invite because he’s important to Max and has a long-standing relationship with him. They further stated that it’s likely Kim has friends Max is less enthusiastic about, and that’s where compromise comes in.

5. All You Did Was Ask

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Many in the thread acknowledged that all Kim did was ask about it, and she accepted the answer. She’s not fighting about it; it didn’t cause a rift in their relationship. Part of marriage is open and honest communication.

6. Every Bridezilla Says They Aren’t a Bridezilla

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One noted that every bridezilla says and believes they aren’t one, so hearing someone say it is not convincing and does the opposite. It makes you think Kim is one.

7. Drop It

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“As long as you drop it and don’t bring it up again!” This user agreed with many others that Kim is entitled to ask questions and that she wasn’t the bad guy, provided she doesn’t continue to harp on Max.

8. You Are the Bad Guy

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However, many others disagreed. One suggested that Sebastian isn’t a bad guy, hasn’t done anything but be himself, and is by her definition a “great friend” to her future husband.’

9. I Wouldn’t Want Him There Either

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Somebody confessed their boyfriend has a friend who always brings the mood down and has something negative to say. It’s depressing, and the user clarified she wouldn’t want that energy at her wedding either.

10. Talk to Sebastian

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Finally, someone asked Kim why she didn’t just have an honest conversation with Sebastian and tell him that they wanted to keep the mood light and ask him, “Could you help us keep things positive?”

What do you think?

This article was inspired by a conversation on Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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