Bride Bans Nephew’s Service Dog From Wedding– Was She Wrong?

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Wedding planning is no walk in the park. Balancing your dream day with the needs and expectations of your guests can be a Herculean task. And in the midst of all the chaos, a Reddit user, let’s call her Amy, found herself in a sticky situation regarding her nephew’s service dog. Strap in, folks, because this tale is about to take us on a rollercoaster ride through family drama and allergic reactions.

The Backstory: A Wedding in the Works

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Amy is getting married in a few months and has been planning her wedding for over a year. Everything is finally coming together, but there’s one seemingly tiny problem.

The Dog Problem: A Fur-Filled Predicament

Service Dog

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James, Amy’s nephew, has a service dog called Max to help with his anxiety and panic attacks.

Max is a great dog who has helped James immensely. However, Amy is extremely allergic to dogs. She gets harsh reactions if she’s around them for a long time, and her family is aware of this.

The Invites State No Dogs Allowed

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In their invitations, Amy and her fiancĂ© insisted on a no pets policy to avoid any risks. James and his parents asked if they could make an exception for Max as he is a service dog. They promised he wouldn’t cause any problems, but Amy said no.

As much as she understands the situation, she does not want to spend one of the happiest days of her life nursing an allergic reaction. Amy offered to find accommodation options for Max during the wedding.

Family Controversy

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This decision did not sit well with some family members as they thought it was selfish. Some of them understand and stand behind her decision. However, James is upset, and Amy wonders whether she did the right thing.

Here’s what people had to say about the situation.

Amy’s Family Is Selfish

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Somebody with a dog allergy explains that even mild allergies can cause serious issues. Sitting close to a dog makes their eyes itchy and red, their hands get itchy, and they sneeze continuously.

It’s insanely selfish for Amy’s family to think she should be willing to spend her wedding day in the throes of an allergy attack. They’ve also had anxiety and understand that sometimes anxious people miss events they cannot cope with.

A Service Dog Is Still a Dog

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Just because James’s family promises that Max will be on his best behavior doesn’t mean he can control his effluvia. One suggests that the only solution is for the family to get a vacuum-sealed giant hamster ball for Max. They should put water, food, and bathroom essentials in it to ensure no hair gets loose.

Private Functions Are Exempt From ADA

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A service dog trainer clarifies that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) only addresses access in public spaces. A wedding is a private affair, so Amy’s decision is valid.

Dog Allergies Can Be Severe

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When most people hear dog allergies, they assume it’s a sniffle or a sneeze here and there. According to a respondent, some allergies can be serious, and the medication may fail to work.

The medication can also sedate the taker so they can’t register or enjoy the day’s events. Imagine making a lifelong commitment and having no recollection of the moment.

Experience Is the Worst Teacher

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One forum member recounts how their friend with animal allergies paid the price for using a horse-drawn carriage at his wedding. He used it to travel from the church to the reception and reacted badly. Luckily, a guest had a medical degree and an epi-pen.

Weddings Are a Nightmare

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What are some of the craziest excuses you’ve come up with to get out of attending an event? Several commenters agree they were grateful for anything that got them out of attending family events in their younger days. Jame’s parents are probably dragging him into his worst nightmare.

Guests Can Endure

Guest at wedding

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Finally, an individual with a roses allergy narrates how they were a snot bucket at their brother’s wedding. Their brother had a rose garden wedding, and they had to sit through five hours of breathless misery. They are glad their brother had a great wedding and didn’t have to remember having allergic reactions on his big day.

To Allow or Not to Allow?

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Now that you’ve heard this tale of wedding woes, we want to hear from you! Should Amy have made an exception for the service dog, even with her severe allergies? Or was she right to prioritize her health and enjoyment on her big day? What do you think? Would you allow the emotional support dog at your wedding if you had severe allergies?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and join the conversation!

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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