Bride Outraged by Family’s Suggestion to Take DNA Test Prior to the Wedding!

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Planning a wedding can be filled with unexpected twists and turns. One Reddit user recently shared a story about their concerns regarding their sister’s upcoming nuptials. The post raises the question: should one suggest a DNA test before tying the knot? In this article, we delve into the complexities of family dynamics, personal boundaries, and the delicate balance between genuine concern and interfering in someone’s relationship.

The Concerns and Proposal

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The Reddit user, let’s call them Alex, expressed their unease about their sister’s impending marriage. Both the sister (26f) and her fiancĂ© (30M) share the same last name, a fact that initially excited her because she wouldn’t have to change her name. However, Alex’s concerns stem from their family’s small rural county background and the fiancĂ©’s family from the neighboring county, which has a history of polygamy and large families. This led Alex to suggest, on more than one occasion, that their sister and fiancĂ© undergo a DNA test to ensure they aren’t related.

The Awkward Family Gathering

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During a recent family gathering, Alex broached the topic once again, causing an uncomfortable silence to fill the room. Trying to lighten the mood, their father jokingly suggested waiting for the babies to be born to see if they’re cross-eyed or not, implying that this would be an indicator of potential familial relations. While Alex found humor in their father’s comment, their sister asserted that their shared last name is simply common in the state, dismissing any concerns. Undeterred, Alex reiterated the importance of confirming their genetic compatibility. In response, the sister lashed out, telling Alex to “shut the f*** up” and abruptly ending the conversation.

The Question of Etiquette


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Now, let’s assess the situation from both perspectives. On one hand, Alex’s concerns may stem from a genuine desire to protect their sister from any potential unforeseen issues that might arise from undisclosed familial relations. However, on the other hand, raising such concerns could be seen as intrusive and meddling, encroaching on the couple’s personal boundaries. So, where does one draw the line between genuine concern and unwelcome interference?

The Internet Reacts

Ugh, how disgusting! Displeased unshaven young male dressed formally, says fie and has dissatisfied facial expression as sees something abominable or detestable, isolated over pink studio background

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If you’re on the fence about how you feel about this scenario, fear not. Let’s explore some of the responses from the other users of the forum.

It’s None of Your Business!

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A top-rated response said, “You’re nagging her about something that’s none of your business and you’re not backing off when asked to do so. They can’t be that closely related, if they’re related at all, or older family members would have spotted the crossover.”

It’s a Common Last Name

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The commenter went on to say, “It’s a common surname, and honestly, sharing a great-great-great grandpa generations ago isn’t a concern. Stop pestering your poor sister and obsessing over her potential child’s genetics.”

You’ve Asked This Repeatedly?

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“You even say this wasn’t the first time you’ve mentioned it- how often are you telling them to get a DNA test? I’d be offended, too. Butt out.”

Respecting Boundaries

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While it’s natural to worry about our loved ones, it’s essential to respect their boundaries and remember that personal decisions, including marriage, are ultimately theirs to make.

Communication and Timing

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If you feel compelled to discuss sensitive topics with a loved one, choose an appropriate time and approach the conversation with empathy and tact. Be mindful of their emotional state and receptive to their perspective.

Be Supportive

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Instead of focusing on potential negatives, consider how you can offer support and guidance during the wedding planning process. Show your loved ones that you are there to celebrate their happiness and assist with any challenges they may face.

Encourage Open Dialogue

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If you genuinely believe your concerns are valid, find an opportunity for open and honest dialogue with your loved one. Express your worries while emphasizing that you only want the best for them.

Navigating Family Dynamics: Should You Suggest a DNA Test Before Marriage?

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In the case of suggesting a DNA test before marriage, it’s crucial to approach the topic with sensitivity and respect for personal boundaries. While it’s understandable to have concerns, it’s equally important to understand that decisions about marriage and family planning are deeply personal. Remember that supporting your loved ones during the wedding planning process means offering guidance and assistance without overstepping their boundaries.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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