Bride Under Fire for Failing to Make Wedding Accessible for Family Members

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Life can be a tricky game of balancing between playing the villain or standing up as the valiant hero fighting for what’s right. One Reddit user, whom we’ll refer to as Penny, recently found herself caught in one of those moral conundrums when she called out her sister for neglecting to provide disability-friendly access to her upcoming wedding. Brace yourselves, dear readers, as we dive into this tale of family drama, love, and sand-friendly wheelchairs.

Brief Backstory

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Penny is a remarkable single mother to Mia, a spirited young girl who happens to rely on a wheelchair for mobility. Being a devoted parent, Penny is fiercely protective of her little one, ensuring that Mia’s needs are met day in and day out. However, when it comes to family dynamics, things can get complicated real quick.

Cassidy’s Wedding Logistics

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Penny has a sister named Cassidy, who is planning a beach wedding with her fiance Max. She recently called to let Penny know she planned a thirty-five-person ceremony at the beach near Penny’s city. This would be followed by a bonfire and barbecue at the same venue. Cassidy wanted to inform Penny of the logistics before sending an official invite because of Mia.

The Shock

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This news disappointed Penny, who thought her sister would check in with her before booking a venue that Mia could not access. She thinks Cassidy purposefully waited till everything was set in stone and there was no room for changes. Mia loves her auntie, and being unable to attend her wedding will be heartbreaking. Raising a special needs child alone is difficult; it’s even worse when your family is insensitive.

Mia Has To Pay To Attend

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After Penny explained her worries, Cassidy said they had checked whether the beach had a sand-friendly wheelchair. It was available for rent at a hundred and ten dollars per day. Penny was shocked at her sister’s audacity to ask a guest to pay to attend.

She also knew that Penny could not afford the rental fee. They refused to change the wedding venue as it had sentimental value. She and Max met at this location, got engaged there, and always dreamed about having their wedding at the same place.

We Don’t Support Inconsiderate Family

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Penny proposed that Cassidy takes care of the rental fees, but she said they were on a tight budget and had to forgo many things. Penny talked to some moms with disabled children, who all said Cassidy didn’t want Mia at her wedding.

This is the perfect excuse. Penny is considering telling Cassidy that she won’t attend the wedding, as she cannot support someone unconcerned about her child’s needs.

Here’s what the internet had to say about the matter.

The Issue Is About the Payment

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Cassidy did everything necessary to ensure Mia could attend the wedding. A forum member indicates that checking if the location has a sand-friendly wheelchair is enough consideration.

They have an emotional connection to that beach, so their choice of venue is valid. The real dispute should be, “My sister will not pay a hundred ten dollars for a wheelchair for my child to attend her wedding.”

That’s Life

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Sometimes you have to accept that you cannot do everything. A parent with a disabled child shares that being left out is difficult. Penny should step back and wish her sister the best.

Guests Have No Authority

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How about letting Penny state her thoughts on the reception, catering, and all the wedding details? Many agree that it’s very telling for Penny to expect the bride and groom to run their venue selection by her.

It seems like people around her have catered to her needs a lot. Given a chance, she could make the whole wedding about her and Mia. But that’s not how weddings work. The couple does not need her approval, and she’s free not to attend the wedding if it doesn’t suit her needs.

Your Sister Has Her Own Life


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According to several commenters, Mia has not been excluded from the wedding. She has a wheelchair option. Understandably, Penny’s life revolves around her daughter, but that is not her sister’s reality.

It’s Not Your Wedding

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Your child is your responsibility. A respondent writes that Penny needs to remember it’s her sister’s wedding, not hers or Mia’s. If she wants Mia to attend, it’s her job to make it happen, not her sister’s.

It’s Not Personal

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One person captures the fact that Cassidy’s intentions are not personal. It’s absurd for Penny to think her sister planned her wedding to ensure her daughter does not attend. It’s a tough situation, but Cassidy is not the villain that Penny is painting her to be.

It’s Okay To Be Upset

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Finally, another guardian with a special needs child explains it’s okay for Penny to feel upset about the wedding, but expecting her sister to change the venue is too much.

They understand that every day comes with new challenges for parents with special needs children, but it’s best to make the most of every moment. Penny can ask if her sister can split the wheelchair cost, but deciding not to go is a mistake.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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