Brides, Stop Apologizing for These Totally Normal Wedding Decisions

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Brides often find themselves apologizing for various things during the wedding planning process or on their special day. However, it’s important to remember that there are certain situations where apologies may not be necessary.

Being Unapologetic About Your Wedding Choices

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Your wedding day is an opportunity to craft a celebration that feels authentic and meaningful to you, not one that adheres to others’ expectations. Here’s a list of things brides commonly apologize for and why they shouldn’t feel the need to do so!

1. Changes in the guest list

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Brides may feel guilty for adjusting the guest list due to space limitations or budget constraints. However, it’s their wedding, and they have the right to invite those who are most important to them. Apologizing for necessary changes is unnecessary.

2. Dietary restrictions or preferences

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If a bride considers her guests’ dietary restrictions or preferences when planning the menu, it’s thoughtful. However, it’s impossible to accommodate everyone’s specific needs perfectly. Apologizing for limited options or certain dietary restrictions is unnecessary because guests understand that it’s challenging to cater to everyone.

3. Weather conditions

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Outdoor weddings are particularly susceptible to unpredictable weather changes. If it rains or if the temperature is not ideal, brides may feel guilty for not providing a perfect climate for their guests. However, weather is beyond anyone’s control, and guests are aware of this. Apologizing for something out of your hands is unnecessary.

4. Small glitches or delays

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Weddings can have unforeseen hiccups, such as delays in the schedule or technical issues. Brides may feel responsible for these minor disruptions and feel the need to apologize. However, it’s important to remember that these things happen, and guests are usually understanding. Apologizing excessively for minor glitches is unnecessary.

5. Choosing bridesmaids’ attire

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Brides often spend time selecting bridesmaids’ dresses that match the overall theme or color scheme. If a bridesmaid doesn’t feel comfortable in her chosen attire, brides may apologize for their decision. However, it’s the bride’s vision, and she shouldn’t feel obliged to apologize for her choices. Each person’s style and comfort may vary, and bridesmaids can always communicate their concerns.

6. Prioritizing their own desires

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Brides may feel guilty for making decisions that prioritize their own desires over others’ opinions. However, it’s crucial to remember that it’s their special day, and they should be allowed to make choices that make them happy. Apologizing for personal preferences is unnecessary.

7. Not being able to talk to everyone

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On the wedding day, brides may feel guilty for not having enough time to speak to every guest individually. It’s essential to acknowledge that weddings can be overwhelming, and brides should enjoy their day without feeling obligated to engage in lengthy conversations with everyone. Guests understand this and wouldn’t expect otherwise.

8. Last-minute changes

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Sometimes unforeseen circumstances or personal preferences lead to last-minute changes in wedding details. Brides may apologize for these changes, fearing they inconvenience others. However, most guests are adaptable and understanding. Apologizing for reasonable last-minute adjustments is unnecessary.

9. Having a childfree wedding

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Some couples may choose to have a child-free wedding for various reasons, such as wanting a more adult-oriented atmosphere or to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted event. However, brides may feel guilty or apologetic for excluding children from the guest list. It’s important to remember that it’s the couple’s decision and they have the right to create the kind of wedding they envision. Apologizing for choosing a child-free wedding is unnecessary, as guests should respect the couple’s wishes and make appropriate childcare arrangements. It’s a personal choice that shouldn’t require an apology.

Brides, Stop Apologizing!

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In the words of Rachel Hollis… Girl, stop apologizing! Remember, weddings are a celebration of love and unity, and brides should focus on enjoying their day rather than dwelling on things they feel they need to apologize for. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with loved ones, but excessive apologies can detract from the joyous atmosphere.

Ditch the Apologies and Stand Proud

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Apologizing implies guilt, but your wedding celebration should be a guilt-free zone where you’re free to create an experience that resonates with your heart. So, stand proud and unapologetically embrace your choices, knowing that your wedding is a celebration of love that should authentically represent you and your partner!

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