Dad Desperate for Advice When 6-Year-Old Daughter Banned from Wedding by Fiancée!

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Weddings are one of the most significant events in your life. It’s no surprise that you want everyone special in your life to attend! There’s nothing more meaningful and fulfilling than being surrounded by all the people you love the most, and who love and support you fiercely in return.

So, can you imagine how hurtful it would be to have the person you’re marrying forbid one of the most important people in your life from attending your celebration?

One Dad’s Dilemma

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That’s exactly what happened to one man, who we will call Jack. His fiancĂ© told him that his six-year-old daughter will not be allowed at their wedding. He sped to an internet forum, desperate for advice. He wondered how to react to the situation, and members of the forum flooded him with advice.

Cancel The Wedding

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Someone responds that Jack’s fiancĂ© has made her attitude toward his daughter clear. As a result, she’ll continue excluding her when they get married, and Jack’s in-laws will follow suit in her example.

Jack must decide if those are the people he wants around him and his daughter. He needs to pick who he values most between his daughter and fiancé. The best thing would be to cancel the wedding, even if his fiancé changes her mind.

Your Child Comes First

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“If I were a single dad, my child is first, before anyone, even my future wife,” declares another. They add that they would tell such a fiancĂ© that if their daughter is not allowed at their wedding, they’ll not be attending either—anyone you’re considering marrying needs to accept your child. Jack doesn’t need to put his child through this.

Run As Fast As You Can

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Another commenter states, “When you marry someone with children, they are a packaged deal.” They write that if Jack’s fiancĂ© has the guts to ban his daughter from their wedding, she can do worse once they’re married. Therefore, Jack should cancel the wedding and run.

Jack’s FiancĂ© Has Unresolved Issues

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Any adult who claims they love you but can demand such a thing is flawed and undeserving of your love. A responder observes, “Any woman who is jealous and feels threatened by your child should be sent packing. This is a woman with very serious issues.”

They warn that Jack’s fiancĂ© will ruin his relationship with his daughter, and this will cause lasting emotional issues. A decent man would choose his child, and an upright woman who truly loves you wouldn’t make you choose.

This Should Not Be a Question

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Anyone with a working brain can see this is a clear-cut situation, and Jack must dump his fiancé. However, an individual expresses shock that Jack needs to go online and ask for help.

Jack needs to tell his fiancĂ© that the wedding is off. It’s a huge red flag that she would even think to say that he cannot bring his daughter into their marriage. Jack should cut all ties with her and never look back.

Date Women With Children

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A 57-year-old divorced father with two children notes that women without children do not understand that children come first. Girlfriends need to come to terms with coming second at times.

He recommends dating women with children, as he’s found it less difficult. Such women understand whenever he has to put his children first, and she understands when she does the same.

Trust Your Gut

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There is a considerable chance that Jack already knows what he needs to do. A person explains,” Human nature is what it is. If you cave on this, it’s only the beginning of your resentment. To say nothing of how you feel is to betray your little daughter.”

They advise Jack to be kind, compassionate, and gentle with his fiancĂ© when he lets her go, as she seems wounded and immature. It’s best if he eases her into the transition instead of withdrawing without rancor. Jack’s mature and caring behavior will do everyone some good.

This Is Not a Surprise

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“How can this day be special to you knowing that this woman, who is about to be the stepmother to your child, does not want her at the wedding?” a forum member asks. They indicate that Jack is only acting surprised about what his fiancĂ© wants, but he already knows that his fiancĂ© doesn’t like his daughter.

He knows he is signing his daughter up for a world of abuse and heartache, yet he still wants to marry her. It’s even worse because he acts helpless when he can put his daughter first.

Set the Facts Straight

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Another person drafts the perfect message for Jack’s fiancĂ©, “There will not be a wedding day. I love you. And I not only love my daughter, but I have a responsibility to raise her, knowing that she’s a primary consideration in my life. If you aren’t willing to take me with that important responsibility, we are incompatible. Thank you for making it clear before we married each other.”

Analyze the Real Problem

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A final user proposes that Jack tries to understand why his fiancĂ© doesn’t want his daughter at the wedding. If she has a disorder like autism and may disrupt the main service, she can come to the reception and be included in the photography session.

Jack should also discover if she’s worried about his daughter’s mother’s presence. Understandably, a woman is apprehensive about the company of their husband-to-be former partner at the wedding. However, if Jack’s fiancĂ© has no real concerns and is only evil, he should get rid of her. What are your thoughts on this predicament?

This story was inspired by Quora and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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