Don’t Make these Cringe-Worthy Wedding Etiquette Mistakes

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Ready to rock your wedding reception like a pro? You bet! We’ve got the lowdown on all the hilarious and oh-so-relatable faux pas you should dodge like a champ. It’s time to own the dance floor, charm your guests, and avoid those cringe-worthy moments that haunt your Instagram feed forever. So, let’s dive into our top 10 wedding reception etiquette fails and turn them into epic wins.

Keep It Classy: Nix These 10 Wedding Reception Etiquette Missteps

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Thanks to my anxious brain, I’m a socially-awkward person. I do not know the right or wrong thing to do at a wedding reception. Fortunately, an online forum member asked for contributions on reception etiquette to avoid. Here is how the forum responded.

1. Assuming Your Reception Is About You

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Do you agree that the wedding reception is for the guests? Someone states that it’s an opportunity for the newlyweds to thank their guests for attending their wedding.

It’s the first social function they host, and they should ensure their guests are comfortable and happy. All parts of the reception, like the cake cutting and toasts, are to entertain the guests.

2. Poor Food and Drinks Circulation

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Have you ever been to a wedding and thought you should have carried a snack? An individual indicates that it’s bad etiquette for hosts not to have adequate food for everyone. If there’s a gap between the ceremony and the reception when the guests lack food, drinks, and other necessities, you might be considered a bad host. Make sure to have sufficient wedding catering for your entire guest list!

3. Making Guests Pay

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We understand that weddings can be expensive. However, many are in agreement that making your guests pay for food, drinks, and parking is inappropriate.

4. Posting the Reception on Social Media

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I’ve seen some people implement a no-phone policy at their wedding, and I completely get it. A commenter shares it’s improper to post photos or videos of the wedding on social media without consent from the bride and groom. In cases where their wishes are unclear, at least let them post first.

5. Stealing the Moment

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Am I the only one who gets uncomfortable whenever I see a video of somebody proposing at another person’s wedding? One person supports that we should let the bride and groom have their day.

You may be tempted since the air is romantic, but planning a wedding takes a lot of effort and money. Don’t be the person that piggy-backs on other people’s sweat. Guests should also avoid announcements. If you have a bun in the oven, wait till next week.

6. Not Observing the Guest List

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A responder advises against bringing an uninvited plus one. Weddings are expensive, and it costs money to accommodate everyone on the guest list. Also, not everyone is happy having strangers they didn’t invite to their wedding. If you plan on bringing someone, you can ask beforehand, but be prepared for a no.

7. Poor Time-Keeping

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Isn’t it annoying when people don’t turn up when they say they would? An individual explains that weddings include precise details about how people sit and how the food will be served. Adhering to the wedding day timeline is key to being a good guest.

If you’re late, there’s an empty seat, and a plate of food goes wasted. There would be no excuse for this unless you broke your leg. It would help if you notified the in-charge party earlier.

8. Not Bringing a Gift

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You may have reservations about gift giving, but a wedding is not the place to express them. One person declares that people don’t get married to get gifts, but gifting the couple is fantastic. It’s a formality to congratulate the couple as they start their new lives. So unless you are financially challenged, bring something.

9. Settling Family Feuds

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A wedding is not the time to settle your family disputes. According to numerous people, you should grow up and pretend you get along with everyone. Set aside your grievances, skip the family drama, and let the happy couple enjoy their day!

10. Scarcity Mentality

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Finally, many agree that you should leave your scarcity mentality at home. There’s no need to be a glutton and fill your plate with a mountain of food. Such guests think that the food will be over before they can eat their fill. Most end up not finishing what’s on their plate, which is a colossal waste.

Any Other Mistakes to Add to this List?

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Are there any other faux pas you’d add to this list? What are the worst wedding etiquette mistakes you’ve seen committed at a celebration?

This story was inspired by Quora and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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