7 Highly-Debated Wedding Topics That Challenge Bridal Party Traditions

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From breaking gender norms to navigating financial obligations, the world of weddings is not immune to controversy, especially when it comes to the bridal party. Let’s dive into the heated debates surrounding bridesmaids, groomsmen, and everything in between. This intriguing exploration of contentious topics will make you question traditional wedding customs and (hopefully) spark some lively discussions!

1. Gender-Inclusive Wedding Parties


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Traditionally, wedding parties were separated by gender, with bridesmaids for the bride and groomsmen for the groom. However, there is an ongoing debate about whether wedding parties should be gender-inclusive, allowing individuals of any gender to participate as bridesmaids or groomsmen. Some argue for more inclusivity and breaking away from gender norms, while others prefer to maintain the traditional gender-specific roles.

What do you think? Should men get to stand on the bride’s side? Can women stand beside the groom?

2. Wedding Party Expenses

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The financial responsibilities of the wedding party can be a contentious issue. Some people believe that couples should be considerate of the financial burden placed on their wedding party, particularly when it comes to expensive attire, travel expenses, and pre-wedding events. Others argue that being part of a wedding party involves certain financial obligations and that individuals should be prepared to cover these costs.

What do you think? Are the financial expectations for the wedding party out of control?

3. Bridesmaid and Groomsman Proposals

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The trend of “proposing” to bridesmaids or groomsmen with elaborate gifts or gestures has gained popularity. However, there are differing opinions on whether this practice is necessary, as it can add additional financial pressure on the couple and the members of the wedding party. Some people find it thoughtful and a way to show appreciation, while others see it as an unnecessary expense and expectation.

What do you think about bridesmaids’ proposals? Is a formal or lavish “proposal” really necessary?

4. Expectations and Responsibilities

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There can be controversy surrounding the expectations and responsibilities placed on bridesmaids and groomsmen. Some argue that the couple should be considerate of their wedding party’s time and availability, keeping obligations reasonable and flexible. Others believe that being part of a wedding party involves a certain level of commitment and that participants should be prepared to fulfill their duties.

What do you think? Are the expectations on the wedding party out of control?

5. Uniformity of Appearance

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Traditionally, wedding parties often wear matching attire to create a cohesive aesthetic. However, there are differing opinions about whether bridesmaids and groomsmen should have the freedom to choose their own attire, allowing for individuality and personal style, or if a uniform appearance should be maintained to enhance the visual harmony of the wedding.

What do you think? Are the days of the bridesmaids clones over? Should they be?

6. Size and Selection of Wedding Parties

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Controversy can arise when it comes to the size and selection of wedding parties. Some individuals argue that wedding parties should be kept small and intimate, including only the closest friends or family members. Others believe that wedding parties should be more inclusive, allowing for larger groups of friends or extended family members to participate.

What size wedding party is best? Team big or team small?

7. Exclusionary Practices

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There are discussions about excluding certain individuals from the wedding party based on various factors, such as relationship dynamics, family politics, or personal preferences. Controversies can arise when decisions to exclude or include individuals are perceived as unfair or hurtful.

What do you think? Should you let personal politics get in the way of including certain people in your wedding party?

What Do You Think?

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When it comes to weddings, there are so many potential issues at play. You’re bound to come up against disagreements, and you certainly can’t please everyone.

As with any controversial topic, opinions can vary greatly, and it’s essential to respect individual perspectives and preferences.

Do you have strong feelings about any of these subjects?

This story was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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