You Won’t Believe This Hilarious List of Demands from a Beauty-Obsessed Bride-to-Be

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Ah, weddings—the joyous celebration of love, unity, and the occasional bridezilla moment. Today, we bring you a jaw-dropping message from a bride-to-be that left her bridesmaids in shock. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of beauty demands that had all her besties shaking in their well-manicured boots! Buckle up, folks!

The Backstory

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Picture this: 45 days until the wedding day, and the bride unleashes a hailstorm of aesthetic demands. The bridesmaids awake to an email with a list of points about the bridal party members’ wedding day look from top to tails. Wait till you read the things she included!

Nail It, or Else!

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First up, the bride addressed the bridesmaids’ nails. Apparently, this bride had a change of heart sharper than a manicure’s pointy tip. The message urges the gals to forget about all her previous instructions; it’s time for a nail color revolution. She wants the nails on both their hands and feet painted white!

Lesson learned: Don’t underestimate the power of a bride’s last-minute whims.

Hair-Raising Expectations

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Next was the ladies’ locks– and the bride’s hair commandments are not to be taken lightly.  “Make sure your roots are perfectly done, and your locks are trimmed to perfection.” Ahem, the bride has spoken! She went on to say, “Straw-like hair is not allowed; we don’t want you looking like a scarecrow crashing the wedding party.” Remember, a curly updo is the holy grail, whether it’s adorned with braids, buns, or a playful ponytail.

Lesson learned: When it comes to hair, the bride knows best (apparently).

Eyebrow Drama Unleashed

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Oh, the wonders of eyebrows! Our bride has no mercy when it comes to unruly brows. Whether you pluck, thread, wax, or summon a magic spell, she instructs the gals to make sure their brows are nicely shaped. Unibrows are strictly forbidden, and the threat is real—she might just grab a pair of tweezers and go all Rambo on the big day.

Lesson learned: Keep your brows in check or face the wrath of an eyebrow-obsessed bride.

Tanning Tales and Apple Watch Woes

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In the bride’s world, everyone needs a little color, even if you’re naturally pale as a ghost. So, if you fall into the fair-skinned category, start getting some sun or opt for a spray tan. But beware Apple Watch aficionados! Tan lines are a big no-no. We wouldn’t want the bride’s head spinning like a carousel over a tiny tan line peeking out from under your dress.

Lesson learned: Embrace your inner glow, but be mindful of your wearable accessories.

Inspiration and Cash, Please!

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When it comes to hair and makeup, this bride has one golden rule—inspo or bust! Bridesmaids, bring your inspirational photos to the table. Blank slates are not welcome here. But wait, there’s more! No smoky dark eyes allowed. She wants glam, not raccoon chic. And let’s not forget the financial aspect. Remember to bring cash on the wedding day to pay the hair and makeup team because the bride is not covering this expense. Yikes.

Lesson learned: Communication, inspiration, and a well-stocked wallet are the keys to a stunning bridal party.

Rehearsal Shenanigans

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Finally, the bride reminded her wedding party of the details of the ceremony rehearsal and the dinner afterward. She shares that it will be the perfect opportunity to practice their roles and bond with fellow bridesmaids. Just remember not to bother the bride with any questions. Any silly queries will be met with a sassy referral to the dreaded long email.

Lesson learned: Read the message or face the wrath of the text monster.

Did This Bride’s Expectations Go Too Far?

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And there you have it, folks—a glimpse into the life of a bride-to-be who doesn’t hold back when it comes to her aesthetic expectations. What do you think of her demands? Would you honor her wishes or drop out?

As we laugh and shake our heads in disbelief, let’s remember that weddings, like life, are a mix of love, laughter, and occasional moments of sheer madness. We sure hope those bridesmaids got through beautifully and without facing any scrutiny.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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