Love Story in the End Zone: Planning Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Hypothetical Future Wedding

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Picture this: the music sensation Taylor Swift and the football star Travis Kelce, are head over heels in love. While we don’t *actually* know how serious these two are just yet, ever since Taylor was spotted at Kelce’s home game in September, it has had our savvy wheels turning.

Planning Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Imaginary Wedding

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We thought, what better way to join our two hyper fixations– Weddings and Taylor Swift– into a project? Join us on this journey as we create a magical day for Tay and Trav that’s both glamorous and budget-friendly. (Not that either of them needs to be savvy, but that’s beside the point.) And, just to cover our rears, this content is for entertainment purposes only.

Setting the Date

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Any Swiftie knows how obsessed with dates and numerology Taylor is. So, of course, she’d pick a special date to start their married union. Perhaps she’d choose the 13th of the month since it’s her lucky number. Of course, scheduling could be a challenge between his football schedule and her international world tour, but if anyone can make it happen, she can.

An ‘Enchanted’ Venue

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To keep things personal and meaningful, Taylor and Travis choose to have their wedding in places that mean the most to them: a Football Stadium, of course! Between Travis scoring touchdowns and Taylor’s record-breaking stadium tour, it’s safe to say it’s a place they both feel at home and perfectly comfortable. They turn the field into an ‘Enchanted’ venue by erecting a tent on the grass.

Vows Fit for The ‘New Romantics’

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In the midst of the bustling wedding preparations, there’s a moment when Taylor and Travis steal away from the whirlwind of activity. It’s like a scene straight out of a Taylor Swift song, where the lights and noise are blinding, and they hang back, savoring the anticipation. It’s all in the timing, just as the lyrics of “New Romantics” suggest.

It’s a bit like a high-stakes poker game, where Taylor may not see it in his face, but Travis about to play his ace – the moment they say their vows and officially become partners for life. This quiet interlude, filled with nervous excitement and love, is a snapshot of the magic that makes their wedding day not just a celebration but a romantic journey they’ll cherish forever.

‘Fearless’ Decor

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Taylor’s creative flair and Travis’s love for rustic charm come together as they embrace DIY, whimsical wedding decor. Mason jars, fairy lights, and wooden accents add a touch of whimsy to the venue, making it a ‘Fearless’ choice.

Quirky Football References

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They also include a few quirky decorative elements, such as Football helmets filled with flowers and cowboy boot vases to add a playful yet sentimental touch to the space.

Their Wedding ‘Style’

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Taylor’s Dress: In true Taylor Swift fashion, she chooses a vintage-inspired gown with lace detailing and a touch of sparkle.

Travis’s Suit: Travis keeps it classy in a tailored suit that reflects his athletic style with a subtle nod to his football career, perhaps with custom cufflinks shaped like footballs.

Entertainment, Evermore

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The highlight of the evening is, of course, a live performance by Taylor Swift herself. As the night sky twinkles above, Taylor takes the stage, her guitar in hand, and her voice filling the air. She serenades Travis with a heartfelt rendition of a new song she penned just for him called, “Game Changer.”

Football-themed Surprises

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Travis, being a sports enthusiast, has some surprises up his sleeve too. He arranges for a surprise appearance by some of his NFL teammates, who take the stage to showcase their hidden talents. They perform a lively and humorous flash mob dance that has everyone in stitches. It’s a delightful twist that adds a playful touch to the evening.

They’d Throw a Feast

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To honor their hometowns, the couple opts for a menu featuring Southern comfort food and Cleveland favorites like pierogies. They also bring in food trucks for a variety of late-night snacks themed like Stadium food, of course! Elevated Nachos, hot dogs, burgers and fries are shared in the late hours.

A Wedding Cake Worthy of This ‘Love Story’

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The wedding cake is a masterpiece with layers that represent the couple’s journey. Each tier features a unique flavor inspired by their favorite foods from their respective cities.

A ‘Delicate’ Dessert Display

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Any Swiftie knows that Taylor loves to bake, so it should come as no surprise that she would want to share a selection of her favorite sweet treats in addition to their cake. She includes some of her most beloved recipes, including her famous Chai cookies!

Cat-Themed Photo Booth

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Set up a photo booth with cat-themed props and backdrops, allowing guests to take memorable pictures with elements inspired by Taylor’s cats. These props could represent her cats Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button. And of course, Taylor’s signature Heart Sunglasses from her ‘Red’ Era would be given to each guest for photo opps!

Folklorian Favors

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Taylor and Travis create mixtapes with their favorite love songs as wedding favors. Each tape has a custom cover with a playful thank-you note acknowledging their gratitude for joining the celebration festivities!

‘Sparks Fly’ for This Savvy Wedding!

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In the end, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s imaginary wedding day would be a beautiful blend of their personalities, hometowns, and, most importantly, their love. We hope this little exercise proves that a celebrity wedding can be both extravagant and savvy, leaving us with a heartwarming celebration to remember, just like a ‘Love Story’ come to life.”

Is ‘This Love’ Taylor’s ‘End Game’?

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It might be too soon to tell, but our savvy creative hearts couldn’t resist this hypothetical wedding planning experiment. What details do you think the couple should include in their special day?

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