10 Things Men Say Are the Biggest Waste of Money at a Wedding

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Are you ready to break down what guys consider a massive waste of funds on your special day? Then, we got you covered.

Recently, someone polled the men on a popular online forum, “What do you think is the biggest waste of money at a wedding?” These are the top-voted responses.

1. The Wedding

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The number-one-voted response from men was the wedding “event” itself! Hmm, have they met Budget Savvy Bride? We agree that some people spend way too much money on the event.

Someone shared that he and his wife chose to elope and keep their savings instead. Another volunteered that their parents were married in a Navy Chapel in front of a group of hungover sailors in a terrible rainstorm before noting they recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary.

2. The Dress

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Several men in the thread agreed that brides spend a ridiculous amount of money on a wedding dress they will only wear once. Furthermore, it costs if you choose to preserve and box it, and for what?

One clarified, “I might get backlash for this, but the wedding dress. Thousands of dollars for a clothing item you’ll wear for a few hours!!?? You can not convince me otherwise.”

3. The Tux Rentals

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One man questioned the value of a Tuxedo Rental. He elaborated, “$175 to rent one, $250 to buy one. Do the math.” However, several others argued that $250 to purchase a tux is guaranteed you’re buying one that will not last. So, people spend even more than that to own a tux.

4. The Wedding Cake

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The wedding cake comes in at number four on this list. Why does it cost so much for a stunning cake that tastes like straight trash? One exclaimed, “$1500+ for a stupid cake people don’t eat? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!”

5. The Band

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Why do people spend thousands of dollars on a band? Getting a DJ instead was the consensus of these men.

One explained that the DJ is better because when people are dancing and their favorite song plays, they don’t want to hear the band’s interpretation. Instead, they want to listen to the actual songs.

6. The Venue

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One man summed up the venue by saying, “$5000 for a half-day venue that costs the owner $5000 a month to rent or own? I’m in the wrong business.”

Another confessed that this reality is why he and his wife are opening a wedding venue for their retirement plan.

7. The Flowers

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The flowers! Many men voted that flowers are costly, especially considering they are “sitting there dying in front of you.” Several people suggested buying $1 bundles at Walmart, but alternative budget flowers exist.

8. The Wedding Make Up

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Another wedding expense men couldn’t wrap their minds or wallets around was wedding makeup. “Wedding makeup. You get the same look for $100 if you don’t mention it’s for your wedding. If you do, it suddenly costs $700.”

9. The Open Bar

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An open bar is one of the most significant expenses of a wedding. The drunks will drink anyway, they will pay for themselves, and the non-drinkers don’t care. Thankfully, there are alternatives to hosting an open bar.

10. The Catering

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This group of men agreed that wedding catering is a high cost at a wedding. The idea of spending money to feed 250 people doesn’t appeal to any of them, and they don’t believe it is necessary to have a wedding of that size. 

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11. The Favors

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“Favors are such a waste!” said one man. He claimed that they’d purchased and hand prepared 175 favors for the guests at his wedding but only around 20 of them were actually taken by the guests. Wasting time and money makes it extra offensive. 

Anything Else to Add?

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What do you think is a waste of money for a wedding? Weigh in in the comments!

This story was inspired by the internet and does not reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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