Mother of the Groom Expects Bride to Pay for Wedding Beauty Prep! Is She Wrong?

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Planning a wedding can be a wild ride, fellow brides, and boy, do we have a dilemma for you today! One soon-to-be bride found herself entangled in a web of family drama when it came to the delicate matter of who pays for the wedding day beauty services. Buckle up, folks, because this is one hair-raising tale!

Who Foots the Beauty Bill?

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A common question couples have when planning a wedding is who is responsible for paying for different aspects of the big day. In this tale, it comes into question if the bride-to-be should be responsible for covering beauty services for the mother of her groom!

A Glam Squad Mystery

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Our bride, let’s call her Raven, had hired a team of makeup and hair artists to work their magic on the big day. Naturally, Raven wanted to make sure her loved ones felt like glamorous goddesses too. So, she planned to pay for her bridesmaids’ beauty treatments as a special gift. Way to go, Raven!

The Motherly Gift: A Twist in the Tale

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But wait, there’s more! Raven’s dear mother had a touching surprise in store. She graciously offered to pay for her daughter’s and her own beauty services as her heartfelt gift to the bride. Cue the collective “awws” from our readers.

Enter the Flower Girl

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As if the beauty brigade wasn’t complicated enough, Raven’s adorable future niece, a four-year-old flower girl, was also included in the pampering session. Now, here’s where things get interesting: Raven’s mother-in-law initially planned to do her own hair and makeup. But when she discovered that the flower girl’s beauty needs were covered, she suddenly had a change of heart.

Family Ties Unravel

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Raven’s mother-in-law approached her son, the groom-to-be, with a request that left everyone scratching their heads. She assumed, based on the flower girl’s inclusion and her role as part of the bridal party, that Raven would foot the bill for her beauty treatments too. But here’s the kicker: Raven had already made it clear that her mother was paying for her and herself.

To Pay or Not to Pay?

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Now, dear readers, we arrive at the question burning on Raven’s mind. Should she cough up the cash for her mother-in-law’s hair and makeup, or is it acceptable to hand her the price list and say, “That’ll be $200, please”? It’s a conundrum worthy of a reality TV show, don’t you think?

To Each Their Own… Payment

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In the end, the answer to this thorny issue lies somewhere in the middle. While it’s certainly generous of Raven to pay for her bridesmaids and the flower girl, we can’t exactly fault her mother-in-law for assuming she’d be included. However, with the mother-of-the-bride already taking care of Raven’s beauty expenses, it’s understandable that some lines have to be drawn.

The Internet Reacts

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A swarm of comments flooded in to reassure and support the bride to be. Read on for some of the best advice, suggestions and tips shared with the stressed out bride.

You Don’t Have to Pay

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“I would tell her she’s very welcome to get ready with you all but you’ve only budgeted to pay for the bridesmaids and flower girl. Your mother is paying for her own make up.

It’s not the same as offering to cover one bridesmaid and not the other, she’s in a completely different role and she’s already told you she was happy to do her own hair and make up so that’s what you’ve based your plans on.

It can actually be really tight for time to do HMUA you will likely need more than one person to do the group you’ve got anyway. Weird that your MIL has taken issue with this.”

Do You Even Want Her There in the Room With You?

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One commenter brought up an interesting point of feeling comfortable while getting ready. They said, “The real question is – do you want her there with all your bridesmaids? That’s a really fun time for a bride, people will be joking around and having a great time, possibly tipping back mimosas- do you feel fine with her being there? What if people are joking around about the honeymoon or wedding night? Is she the type to get offended? What if you make an offhand comment about something for the wedding that your fiancé hates? Will she say something negative? If you’re not fully comfortable, I’d fib and say the spots were full and there was no additional time to add anyone.”

Do It For Family Harmony

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Others suggested that Raven consider future family peace when making this decision, saying it’s worth the price to keep things friendly. “I’m gonna be honest. Technically you don’t have to and she is being aggressive and inappropriate and weird.

That being said, I personally would just pay it as an investment in family peace and harmony. Unfortunately you will likely have other, more significant MIL issues. Letting the petty stuff go will make it easier to put your foot down on the stuff that is more important to you. Paying for it is gracious and kind on your part but arguing over it won’t make anyone look good.”

Sound Off and Share Your Tales!

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Phew! The twists and turns of wedding planning never cease to amaze. Now, dear readers, we turn to you. What do you make of this bridal beauty battleground? Have you encountered similar family feuds over wedding expenses? Share your thoughts, anecdotes, and advice in the comments section below. Let’s dive into the delicious drama and offer support to our fellow brides-to-be. The wedding world awaits your sassy insights!

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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