Help! My Boomer Parents Don’t Understand What a Wedding Costs Today

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Ah, weddings – a time of joy, celebration, and sometimes, a battle of budgets. In the midst of wedding planning, a Reddit user finds themselves at a crossroads between tradition and modern-day expectations. In this amusing and eyebrow-raising tale, we delve into the clash of generations and the uncharted territory of planning a wedding that balances dreamy desires with financial reality.

The “Insane” Budget and a Father’s Dilemma

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Picture this: a seasoned father, who we’ll call Steve, whose perspective on wedding expenses harks back to a bygone era, suddenly confronted with the grand visions of his son’s wedding. The plot thickens when Steve expresses his concern over a whopping $20,000 wedding budget demanded by his son’s fiancée’s family. Steve, having experienced his own nuptials at a fraction of the cost, stands his ground and offers a more modest contribution of $5,000.

A Matter of Perspective

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Fast forward to a candid conversation between father and son, where the generational divide becomes glaringly evident. The son, who we’ll call James, a sprightly 23-year-old, believes that a modern wedding extravaganza requires a budget that aligns with today’s inflation and the allure of Instagram-worthy celebrations. The son argues that their chosen venue alone demands $5,000 – a number that makes his father’s jaw drop. The father, reminiscing about his own wedding, counters with tales of haggling and deal-making that brought his special day in under $7,000. But alas, times have changed, and the son insists that his wedding can’t be confined to his father’s 1980s budget.

Piecing Together the Pricey Puzzle

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The conversation unfolds further as the son, James, delves into the specifics of wedding expenses that leave his father, Steve, flabbergasted. A highlight of their debate centers around the astronomical cost of food, which the son breaks down to a seemingly digestible $25 per person. The father, perhaps unintentionally conjuring images of pizza parties and sub sandwiches, suggests cost-cutting alternatives. However, the son’s reaction makes it clear that his wedding feast will not be crafted from cheesy slices or layered deli meats.

“Spoiled” Expectations and Clashing Perspectives

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As the father’s frustration mounts, he drops a bombshell that ignites a fiery clash of ideals: he questions the “spoiled” expectations of the young couple. Insinuating that their desire for the “best of the best” contributes to their budgetary woes, the father wonders aloud whether reigning in expectations might just make the budget work. The son’s reaction is a blend of astonishment and indignation, leading to an emotional standoff that leaves their relationship strained.

Who Is In the Wrong?

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With emotions flaring and perspectives clashing, the father turns to the internet for a verdict. Steve posed the question to the online masses. Seeking validation for his stance, he finds himself in a virtual courtroom where the jury is as diverse as the weddings themselves.

The Peanut Gallery Weighs In

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Many commenters expressed their shock at the dad’s unrealistic expectations. One commenter noted, “The laughable thing is OP is suggesting things like pizza for dinner when I doubt their guests were having pizza 40 years ago.”

Another shared, “This is the same kind of person who can’t understand why you don’t fully own your house by the time you are 30, or loudly tells you he’s got every job he ever interviewed for.”

Calculating for Inflation

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One highly-upvoted comment featured a detailed calculation of dad’s wedding costs compared to today’s equivalent and it nearly broke the internet. “$7,000 in 1983 is about $24.5k now, so by your logic, you should be giving him $12k, not $5k or $10k.

Obviously, you aren’t obligated to give him any money, but he kindly accepted the $5k you offered, and you had no place to then berate him about how he was overspending, and you have no reason to “feel hurt” over this.”

They Handled It Gracefully

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“An average wedding these days is about $25k, depending on where you live. Your son and future DIL aren’t spoiled; they handled this gracefully by making it clear they don’t mind paying for some of the wedding themselves and thanking you multiple times for contributing. You calling them spoiled was out of line, and you should apologize.”

Lessons from a Wedding Budget Showdown

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As our tale of wedding budget battles draws to a close, it leaves us pondering the complexities of intergenerational relationships, evolving traditions, and the intersection of dreams and dollars. From a father’s attempt to balance frugality with modern extravagance to a son’s pursuit of the perfect day, we’re reminded that the journey to “I do” is paved with both practicality and passion.

What Do You Think?

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And so, dear readers, we invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and judgments in the comments section below. Have you faced a similar budget battle? Do you sympathize with the father’s frugal sensibilities or the son’s desire for a grand celebration? Let the conversation commence – after all, in love and in weddings, there’s always more than meets the eye.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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