11 Playful Tactics to Handle Wedding Crashers

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I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie Wedding Crashers… which is definitely a humorous and over-the-top look at the kind of people who crash weddings. Most of the people considered “crashers” at the average wedding are probably friends who didn’t make the actual invite list. Or maybe someone who you purposely didn’t invite but tagged along as someone else’s plus 1.

How to Deal with Wedding Crashers at Your Wedding

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If you’re unlucky enough to discover a wedding crasher on your wedding, here is a list of 11 playful ways you could respond to their presence.

1. Put them on the spot.

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Hand the rogue uninvited guest a microphone and ask them to share some personal words during the wedding speeches. This can be a lighthearted way to make the wedding crasher feel a bit uncomfortable while also providing some entertainment for the guests.

2. Put them to work.

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Make the surprise guest earn their spot at the table by inviting them to help out the service staff. Assign them a task such as distributing wedding programs or escorting guests to their seats. This not only gives them a sense of purpose but also subtly reminds them that they are not just another guest enjoying the festivities.

3. Put them in a corner.

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Invite the surprise guest to join the kids’ table and make them an honorary babysitter for the evening. This approach adds a humorous twist to the situation while also making it clear that they are not an integral part of the adult guests. Provide them with some activities or games to entertain the children and ensure they have a memorable time. It can be an amusing way to include the wedding crasher while keeping them away from the main adult gathering.

4. Stick them in the back.

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Allow the wedding crasher to sit at the very back of the reception space. By seating them at the back, you subtly communicate that they are not part of the inner circle. It also minimizes their impact on the overall atmosphere of the wedding. This approach can be effective if you prefer to keep a polite distance and not directly confront the crasher while still maintaining a level of separation.

5. Make them pay their way.

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Instruct the bartender to require the extra guest to pay for their own bar tab. This not only puts the financial burden on the crasher but also sends a clear message that they are not part of the intended guest list. It can be a discreet way to handle the situation without causing a scene. However, it’s important to ensure that the bartender understands the instructions and handles the situation tactfully.

6. No booze for you!

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Tell the bartender only to pour non-alcoholic beverages for the uninvited guest. This approach allows you to control the crasher’s access to alcohol at the wedding, especially if you’re concerned about their behavior. It’s a subtle way to make them feel slightly out of place and less likely to indulge in the festivities. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and avoid making assumptions about their intentions or behavior solely based on their status as a wedding crasher.

7. Pawn them off on Aunt Sally.

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Find your most talkative and annoying relative and introduce him or her to the surprise guest to keep them occupied for the night. By strategically pairing the crasher with a chatty family member, you create a diversion that prevents them from mingling too much with other guests or causing any disruptions. Aunt Sally’s long-winded nature will likely keep the crasher engaged in conversation, giving you and the other guests the freedom to enjoy the wedding without their intrusion.

8. Ask for your gift.

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If the uninvited guest arrives at the wedding without a gift, playfully offer to carry their gift to the gift table. This tongue-in-cheek request not only highlights their lack of preparation but also adds a humorous touch to the situation. It’s a way of indirectly reminding them of the wedding etiquette they neglected, in addition to showing up uninvited.

9. Make something up.

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If you literally don’t know who this wedding crasher is, turn it into a funny bit. Tell everyone bogus stories about your memories together. Make the stories outrageous, entertaining, and clearly fabricated. This approach adds an element of humor and absurdity to the situation, making it memorable for both the couple and the crasher.

10. Ask about their dietary needs.

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In a passive-aggressive manner, express regret that the wedding menu does not cater to the crasher’s dietary preferences. This serves as a way to indirectly remind them that they were not accounted for when planning the event. While it may seem slightly confrontational, it is a mild way to make them aware of their uninvited status.

11. Ignore them.

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Lastly, and perhaps the most straightforward approach, is to simply ignore the wedding crasher. Don’t let their presence bother you or allow them to steal any positivity from your special day. By focusing on your loved ones and the joyous occasion, you can minimize the impact of the uninvited guest and ensure that they have little influence on the wedding proceedings.

Have you ever dealt with a wedding crasher? What was your approach?

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