Rogue Bride Helps Herself to Another Wedding’s Open Bar!

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If there’s one thing that never fails to shock me, it’s stories of audacious and bold wedding crashers. If you are in the same camp, you’re in for a treat with yet another true story of a real life wedding crasher. And the kicker is, the wedding crasher in this story was another bride!

The Backstory

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In this shocking wedding crashing incident, a bride, accompanied by approximately 30 of her guests, crashed another couple’s wedding reception.

How Exactly Did This Happen?

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The venue had two ballrooms, with the crashing bride’s wedding having a cash bar while the original wedding was generously hosting a full open bar. As you know, a full open bar isn’t cheap, folks. Especially when you have dozens of additional uninvited guests!

Caught in the Act

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Initially, a few unknown individuals were seen getting drinks from the open bar intended for the original wedding. Soon after, a large group of people, clearly associated with the crashing bride, began swarming the bar without leaving any tips.

The Bride Herself Stole From Another Bride

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To everyone’s surprise, the crashing bride herself boldly walked up to the bar and attempted to order a drink. However, the bartender, aware of the situation, refused to serve her as he recognized her as the bride from the other wedding.

The Crashers Got Refused Service

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This amusing turn of events led to the realization that not only were the crashing bride and her friends behaving inappropriately, but they were also unable to find anyone willing to bring them drinks. The bride wrote, “Not only are you and your friends trashy, but no one would even go bring you a drink.”

Karma’s Gonna Track You Down

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The consequences of the crashing bride’s actions became evident when she received an unexpected bill from the venue for the unauthorized use of the open bar. “I’m told the venue used his estimates, and the estimates from the groomsmen who were close, to determine how many drinks they stole and charged her for them,” the bride shared.

The Sheer Audacity

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This story highlights the audacity and consequences faced by wedding crashers who attempt to take advantage of someone else’s celebration, ultimately leading to their own embarrassment and financial repercussions.

This story was inspired by comments on Reddit and does not reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride. 

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