The Cringiest Wedding Traditions, According to Online Forums

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Weddings are beautiful occasions filled with love and joy. However, not all wedding traditions are met with the same level of enthusiasm. After scouring various online forums, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most cringe-worthy wedding traditions according to real people on the internet.

1. Cake Smashing

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This tradition, which involves the newlyweds smashing wedding cake into each other’s faces, was named as one of the “dumbest” wedding traditions in a Reddit thread. Many view it as messy, unnecessary, and even disrespectful. As one Redditor put it, “One of the very first things my husband and I agreed on when we were planning our wedding was ‘no cake-smash in the face.'”

2. Money Dances

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Money dances, where guests pay to dance with the bride or groom, also received backlash on Quora. Some find this tradition uncomfortable and awkward, detracting from the celebratory feel of the event.

3. Giving Away the Bride

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The tradition of “giving away” the bride, typically by her father, is a longstanding wedding practice steeped in patriarchal history. According to a report by BBC, this tradition stems from a time when daughters were considered property of their fathers, who would then cede control to the husband. In contemporary times, the meaning has evolved and some believe it symbolizes the blessing of the parents to the union. However, critics argue that it still perpetuates archaic and unequal gender norms.

4. Sing-a-long Ceremonies

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While music is an integral part of many weddings, enforced audience participation can make guests cringe. One user on Mumsnet recalled a Humanist wedding where guests had to sing a Beatles song mid-ceremony as if it were a hymn, describing the experience as awkward.

5. Cash Bars

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The debate over cash bars at weddings has been ongoing on many wedding forums. While some argue that it’s a practical way to cut costs, others see it as bad hospitality, placing an unnecessary financial burden on guests.

6. In Poor Taste Cake Toppers

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These humorous cake toppers might seem like a fun idea, but they can also send a message of reluctance or fear about marriage. Websites like Etsy and JW Cake Tops offer a variety of these cake toppers, but remember, your wedding is a celebration of love and commitment, not a trap!

7. The Bouquet Toss

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The bouquet toss, a tradition where single women vie to catch the bridal bouquet, has faced its fair share of criticism. In an article on HuffPost, the bouquet toss is described as offering a “backwards message” about marital status, suggesting that the next person to get married is the one who catches the bouquet. The article also highlights the awkwardness that this tradition can impose on single guests, especially those who may not be eager to participate.

8. The Garter Toss

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The garter toss, a tradition where the groom removes the bride’s garter and tosses it to the unmarried men in attendance, has been flagged as potentially awkward and dated. An article on Brides suggests rethinking the garter toss, describing it as a tradition that can make people uncomfortable and feels a bit outdated. The author stresses the importance of considering both the bride’s and the guests’ comfort in such situations, encouraging couples to prioritize a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere over keeping with tradition.

9. Unity Sand Ceremony

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The Unity Sand Ceremony is another tradition that some find to be overdone and even cringe-worthy. In a discussion on Wedding Wire, users shared their mixed feelings about this tradition. While some appreciated the symbolism, others felt it was too reminiscent of a childhood art project, detracting from the solemnity and elegance of the wedding ceremony. One user likened it to “something you’d do at summer camp,” indicating that it may not be the most sophisticated choice for a wedding ceremony.

10. Bridesmaid Clones

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The tradition of bridesmaids wearing identical dresses has been a subject of debate on various platforms. On Brides, many brides and bridesmaids voiced their displeasure with this tradition, pointing out that it fails to consider the unique body types and personal styles of the bridesmaids. As highlighted in the article, bridesmaids clone is often seen as outdated, and a growing number of modern weddings are embracing the trend of mismatched bridesmaid dresses to allow for individual expression.

11. Long, Drawn-Out Speeches

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Long, drawn-out speeches at weddings can often become tedious for guests, especially if there are multiple speakers. An article on BrideBox quotes a bride who lamented, “I wish I would have limited the speeches. By the time they were done, it was time for the reception to end.” This reflects a common sentiment among wedding attendees – while heartfelt speeches can add an emotional touch, extending them for too long can disrupt the reception’s flow and leave less time for dancing and socializing.

12. Choreographed Dances

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Choreographed dances at weddings, while sometimes a fun surprise, can often come off as cheesy or overly rehearsed. According to a poll on WeddingWire, many participants found choreographed dances at weddings to be unnecessary and some even referred to them as tacky! Some respondents felt that these dances lack spontaneity and take away from the heartfelt moments that make a wedding special. So, before you start practicing your dance routine, consider whether it really adds to your celebration or if it could end up being just another wedding cliché.

Anything Else That Should Be On This List?

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Remember, it’s your special day! What matters most is that you and your partner are happy with the choices you make. Every couple is unique, and their weddings should be, too!

It’s worth considering how certain traditions might be perceived by your guests, but ultimately, you should celebrate it in a way that feels right for you!

This story was inspired by comments from the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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