The Most Polarizing Wedding Topics, According to the Internet

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Weddings are not only a major life milestone but an incredibly layered custom in modern society. There are so many moving pieces and aspects of a wedding to consider, and it can be a difficult process to navigate, especially when combatting outside opinions. Since these days, it seems like everyone has an opinion about everything, couples might feel overwhelmed when considering all the options. Here are just a few examples of controversial wedding topics that seem to warrant heavy discussion:

Wildly Extravagant Weddings

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Some people argue that extravagant weddings, with their emphasis on opulence and excessive spending, are unnecessary and wasteful. They believe that the focus should be on the commitment and love between the couple rather than the material aspects of the celebration.

Stereotypical Gender Roles

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Traditional gender roles associated with weddings and marriages are a subject of controversy. Some individuals believe that these roles perpetuate gender stereotypes, such as the expectation that women should be responsible for most of the wedding planning or that men should be the primary breadwinners in a marriage.

Marriage as an Institution

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There are differing opinions on the institution of marriage itself. Some people view it as a social and legal construct that is outdated and unnecessary for committed relationships. They argue that love and commitment can exist without the need for formal marriage.

Marriage Equality

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Although the acceptance of same-sex marriage has increased in many parts of the world, there are still individuals and groups who hold controversial opinions opposing it. They may argue that marriage should only be between a man and a woman based on religious, cultural, or personal beliefs.

The Wedding Industrial Complex

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Some individuals criticize the wedding industry for commercializing love and capitalizing on people’s desire for a perfect wedding day. They argue that the industry often promotes unrealistic expectations and high costs and puts unnecessary pressure on couples. So much so, that the industry as a whole has been dubbed, the wedding industrial complex.

Cohabitation vs. Marriage

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There is a growing acceptance of cohabitation without getting married. Some people believe that long-term committed relationships can thrive without the need for a legal marriage certificate, while others argue that marriage provides legal protections and societal recognition that cohabitation does not.

Prenuptial Agreements

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Opinions about prenuptial agreements vary widely. Some individuals see them as practical and responsible measures to protect assets and clarify financial expectations in case of divorce, while others view them as a lack of trust or a cynical approach to marriage.

Wedding Debt


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The decision to take out a loan or incur debt to finance a wedding can be a subject of controversy. Some people argue that it is financially irresponsible to start a marriage with significant debt, especially for a one-day event. They advocate for prioritizing financial stability and making budget-conscious choices. Others believe that a wedding is a significant milestone worth investing in and that taking on debt can be justified for creating a memorable celebration. However, it’s important to consider the long-term implications and financial strain that wedding debt can place on a couple’s future.

What’s Your Take?

wedding couple posing together isolated over pink background. man in tuxedo holding pink air ballons, woman in white wedding dress bouquet. Woman with auburn hair, couple with opened mouth

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These are just a few examples of controversial opinions regarding weddings and marriage in current society. It’s important to recognize that opinions on these topics are diverse, and influenced by personal values, cultural backgrounds, and evolving societal norms.

What’s your take on these hot wedding topics? Does one stand out more than the rest?

This story was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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