The Most Romantic Wedding First Dance Songs of All Time

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When planning a wedding, there are so many details that help create a beautiful day. One of the most personal things is choosing the music, particularly the couple’s first dance song. On an online forum, several people contemplate what songs would be the most romantic ones for this special moment. There are several lovely choices – can you guess what tops the list?

Top 10 Romantic Song Choices for Your Wedding First Dance

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We’re sharing these tunes countdown style, starting from 10 to 1, so buckle in and get ready to make your way through a truly swoon-worthy playlist.

10. “Unforgettable”- Nat King Cole

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There is no better choice for the couple who enjoys the classics than Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable.” His vocals are as smooth as silk, and the pretty and heartfelt lyrics are some of the sweetest ever composed. And the greatest thing is to be loved as deeply in return from someone so incredible. True love is indeed unforgettable.

9. “From This Moment On”- Shania Twain and Bryan White

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“From This Moment On” is another song with lyrics that evoke the words and sentiments of wedding vows, such as, “From this moment life has begun. From this moment, you are the one.” Every lyric is a beautiful expression of the deep love we all long for.

Telling your partner that they are the answer to your prayers and that your dreams come true because of them is as profound as they come. The duet between Twain and White is the superior and more appropriate version. It’s powerful and would make an epic first dance.

8. “Take the World”- Johnnyswim

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This duo’s sweet and lilting love song has a soft tempo that is easy to sway to. It’s about a love that feels more regal than royalty and grander than any epic story.

The lyrics say, “They can write stories, they can sing songs. But they don’t make fairy tales sweeter than ours.” Every couple should feel this way on their wedding day– that their story is worthy of a storybook and they’re ready to take on the world together.

7. “A Thousand Years”- Christina Perri

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This song may be the wedding song for Edward and Bella from Twilight, but you don’t have to be a fan to choose this song for your first dance. The lyrics are lovely and deep, and the sentiment describes the feeling of “always have and always will” when loving someone.

6. “All Of Me”- John Legend

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This smooth and stunning song is about loving all of someone- as the lyrics say, “all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.” Moreover, it expresses how their partner is both their end and beginning, a beautifully symbolic way of saying, “You’re my everything.” Much like a wedding ring, love is continuous and unending, just like the beauty of this song.

5. “This I Promise You”- NSYNC

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NSYNC’s most romantic love song is a gorgeous ballad with lyrics reminiscent of wedding vows and vocals ranging from tender to powerful. The words proclaim a sense of strength and comfort for their love until their last day. When we get married, it’s always “til death do us part,” This gorgeous song says the same, but in an even lovelier way.

4. “I Won’t Give Up”- Jason Mraz

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If you are looking for a classic, modern love song, this San Diego native’s ballad about steadfast devotion would be a beautiful choice for any couple. The lyrics are sweet and mature as the song progresses.

They describe their love’s beauty, learning to give their partner their space, and how a strong relationship is about give and take. The strength and profundity of the lyrics, and the crux of the song about never giving up on their love, are perfect for a wedding.

3. “At Last”- Etta James

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“At Last” is one of the most popular wedding song choices, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a romantic song about the thrill and joy of finally finding your one true love. Weddings evoke those same feelings. And with the glorious voice of Etta James, this first dance would be lovely.

2. “God Blessed the Broken Road”- Rascal Flatts

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Rascal Flatts is a group with a gorgeous and unique quality to their sound. “God Blessed the Broken Road” is one of their most beautiful and profound pieces. It’s a song for a couple who feel blessed to have had rough roads in the past because they led them to each other. The lyrics describe how their past broken hearts were simply God lighting the road toward true love. When choosing the music for your first dance, this song is a wonderful choice.

Are you ready to learn the top choice?

1. “The Way You Look Tonight”- Frank Sinatra

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As classic as they come, the classic standard from “Old Blue Eyes” is a beautiful choice for a couple’s first dance. The lyrics evoke a melancholy feeling thinking about a future when you are feeling low.

Then, a sense of hope and love emerges with lyrics about feeling all aglow simply by remembering your love’s sweet smile, tenderness, breathless charms, and the way they look tonight. The tempo is soft and easy, the lyrics are utterly romantic, and Sinatra’s dulcet tones are divine.

What song would you add to this list?

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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