These Brides Want You to Know that They Think WeddingWire and The Knot Are a Scam

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Have you heard of WeddingWire or The Knot? They are the same company, and are the largest wedding corporation in existence. Several brides discussed their issues with these websites in a popular online wedding forum. One shared her experience, we’ll call her Tish, and wants to share her words of caution for other future brides and grooms.

Poor Experience

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Tish had a horrible experience with an Orlando, Florida/New York-based luxury wedding photographer. Furthermore, she elaborated this photographer has a massive following on TikTok and Instagram (100K+). She also charges “an arm and a leg” for one-hour engagement photo shoots.

Tish suggested she was unpleasant to talk to and unprofessional from the beginning, despite her incredibly artistic point of view. So Tish opted not to put down deposits.

The Site Removes Honest Negative Reviews

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However, she left a negative review on WeddingWire, which was instantly removed. So she wanted to inform other brides-to-be about the reviews not being accurate on the site.

Sadly, she doesn’t have a Google business page set up, so Tish cannot warn others. However, she created a Yelp page and left a negative review.

“The lesson is that you only trust people who have a Google business page or have positive reviews on Google and Yelp!” Here is how others responded.

1. Visit Multiple Sources

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The number-one-voted response is that this is a prime example of why it is always good to check multiple resources and reviews.

One advised, “Don’t trust Yelp fully either. Yelp notoriously hides reviews for businesses that don’t pay to advertise! The best source is Google and Facebook if you want honesty.”

2. Lots of Misleading Misinformation

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“Honestly, they are the worst with their vendors at WeddingWire and The Knot – same parent company.” Many agreed with this user who said there is tons of misleading information on their sites.

Additionally, they flood wedding vendors with potential couples. Still, the reality is if the couple clicks a couple of buttons on the site, it sends their information to every vendor within range of their data.

3. Good for You

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One noted that it was good for Tish to find a way to leave honest reviews wherever she could to warn others.

4. It Happened to Me

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Another woman shared the same thing had happened to her. She left a negative review about someone collecting a deposit and then canceling on them.

The Knot sent an email disputing the review. They were furious and believed, “Brides should know how terrible the venue is.”

5. It’s a Scam for Vendors As Well

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A photographer stated, “As a professional wedding photographer myself, I know this already! Most in the industry know it. Unfortunately, it’s a scam for vendors as well!”

There have been quite a few reports recently of shady business practices at The Knot from former employees.

6. It’s Legit

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One, and one alone, argued that because no money ever exchanged hands, the website was legit in taking down any negative review.

7. Check Facebook

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Others said one of the best places to find honest reviews, great wedding photographers, and other vendors is through Facebook. One noted that many have a great eye and talent but haven’t built up huge followings.

8. How Exactly Did They Scam You?

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Several pointed out that they may have taken down the review, but that’s not scamming. One suggested it was her fault for not better researching vendors and not that of the site.

However, another argued, “I’d call it scamming simply because the whole point of a review system is accuracy and truth.”

This article was inspired by Reddit and did not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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