13 Things Married Couples Wished They Had Put On Their Wedding Registries

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Planning a wedding is a whirlwind, but one of the most exciting parts is setting up your wedding registry and imagining using the gifts you get from your guests. But how do you know what items to put on the registry?

13 Things Couples Forgot to Register For

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One user on an online forum asked married people for input on things they had neglected to put on their registries but wished they had. Couples took to the thread with their insights.

1. Towels

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While many people focus on adding appliances and kitchenware to their registry, consider adding other essential items that you may not have thought of, like towels. You always need towels to dry your body after a shower or dishes after you clean up.

2. Sheets

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Bed sheets are another item that always comes in handy. Plus, they are more affordable, so guests on a lower budget will be pleased to find these on your registry. “Stack them up in a closet. Break out a fresh new set when needed,” says one commenter.

3. Light Bulbs

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Another low-budget item to add to your wedding registry is a pack of light bulbs. You can never have enough light bulbs. Store them in a closet, and they will last for years. One respondent claims, “All the little things add up.”

4. Exciting Excursions

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“My fiance and I wish we put more honeymoon-specific things on our registry,” writes one bride-to-be. She realized it would be a good idea after a guest suggested they pay for a sunset cruise for the couple. It was such a fantastic idea that the couple regrets not adding excursions like this to their registry, or setting up honeymoon registry, specifically.

5. Pillows


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High-quality pillows can make your night’s sleep more restful and comfortable. One couple shares that they bought their own nice pillows soon after their wedding and noted that they lasted for years. Looking back, they wish they had asked for pillows on their registry rather than some other useless items they requested.

6. Tools


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Having a quality tool kit in your home can help you with repairs, furniture assembly, hanging up decorations, and more. Many married people urge others to add a simple but high-quality toolkit to their wedding registry.

7. Luggage

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After your wedding, you will likely travel abroad to a gorgeous honeymoon destination. Whether or not you decide to honeymoon on a tropical island or take a trip into the mountains, you will need a good suitcase for your travels. Consider adding a nice suitcase that will last you through your honeymoon and beyond.

8. Cleaning Supplies

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Another helpful item you may not consider when creating your registry is cleaning supplies. Some users say they received a laundry basket full of detergent, paper towels, dish soap, sponges, and other cleaning supplies at their wedding. They were shocked when they realized the wedding gift was more useful than most of the ones they had requested.

9. Gift Cards

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While some argue gift cards are impersonal, couldn’t the same be said about an item you pick out specifically that a guest pays for? Asking for gift cards gives you more freedom over the items you get, so you can find things you need.

10. Hobby Items

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Most wedding registries are full of dishware and other items you need, but what about the stuff you want that makes you happy? Adding hobby items to your registry will make opening gifts even more fun. One man writes, “My wife and I love board games. I got some games from my cousins as a wedding gift, which was awesome!”

11. Food Items

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One commenter shared a story about how she was shocked her husband added food to their wedding registry! “My husband registered for 5 lbs of peanuts on Amazon for our wedding. I thought it was silly and was convinced no one would buy it. Sure enough, one of his friends bought that body bag of nuts for him.”

12. A good kitchen knife.

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You’ll be surprised how handy a sharp, quality set of knives will be to all of your basic cooking needs. One commenter shared, “As someone who loves cooking, I cannot stress this enough. A good knife is arguably the most important kitchen item to own. I would also add on a sharpening stone (5 min on youtube will teach someone how to properly sharpen) and a honing steel to keep the sharp edge. A sharp knife is not only extremely helpful but it’s also a hell of a lot safer compared to a dull one (clean cuts versus tearing cuts work on other meats outside of chicken and beef if you know what I mean).”

13. A Fancy Trash Can

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Registering for a trash bin doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s an incredibly practical gift. One commenter shared, “My husband couldn’t believe I wanted to register for a really nice kitchen garbage bin. It cost almost $200. It definitely wasn’t something I’d go out of my way to spend that money on on my own, but it’s something I always wanted. He made fun of me forever for how excited I got when someone bought it for us. Five years later we use it every single day, and our kitchen doesn’t smell no matter what goes in there. Best gift ever!”

What Do You Regret Not Registering For?

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Are there any items you wish you’d added to your wedding gift list? Share them in the comments!

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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