Stressed About Wedding Expenses? Here’s the 10 Top Tricks to Cut Costs

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Weddings are a thing of joyful delight, but they can also be incredibly expensive. For many couples, it can be frustrating how quickly the costs pile up. Thankfully, a bit of creativity and budget-savvyness can do the trick.

You CAN Plan a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget!

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If your budget is extra tight, or you just want to save your hard-earned dollars for something that’s an appreciating asset, the good news is you can have a beautiful wedding no matter your budget. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice your entire savings account to have a memorable wedding! Read on for the top tips to cut expenses across the board from your wedding budget.

1. Trim the Guest List

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Not everyone has to be at your wedding, and trimming your guest list can save costs and reduce the financial burden of your big day. For example, consider inviting only your close friends and family instead of throwing out a public invitation.

2. Choose Off-Peak Date

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Venue owners, caterers, and other providers have the time of the year when demand exceeds supply, causing costs to skyrocket. The winter months of January, March, and November are your best bet for the best wedding bargains, so planning a winter wedding can yield big savings.

3. Use a Non-Traditional Venue

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Payment for wedding venues cuts a large chunk of most budgets. You should consider venues that are less traditional but are just as beautiful. Your backyard, secluded beaches in the lush, warm sand, or even your own backyard are pristine venues you can opt for.

4. Rent a Dress


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Wedding gowns are cut-throat and could be more expensive if you choose complex designs. Reducing cost doesn’t, however, have to take off your shine when you stand before the altar. You could rent a dress in all its magnificence and still have a memorable wedding.

5. Do the Decor

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If you have a thing for creativity, DIY decorations can cut your expenses significantly. You can delve into your artistic experience using beautiful candles, string lights, and flowers that add some impressive personal touch.

6. Choose a Buffet-Styled Dinner


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Plated dinner will not save you cost with all the customization, but a buffet dinner will. This way, you can offer your guests various food options while saving money on catering.

7. Rent Instead of Buying

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Items like tables, chairs, and linen should be rented instead of outright purchased, as you wouldn’t need them after your wedding. This will save you money drastically while reducing the amount of waste you generate toward a successful marriage.

8. Smaller Cake Does It

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A towering wedding cake can be a memorable centerpiece, but it may come at a significant cost that rips your budget apart. Consider buying a smaller cake for your big day; you may also use cupcakes instead of the mountainous flour mold.

9. Use In-Season Flowers

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Flowers bring a symbolic tone to your big day, but you don’t have to settle for the expensive ones. Consider in-season flowers instead of emptying your purse at the flower shop when planning your floral arrangements.

10. Skip the Wedding Favors

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The big day is more about you and your intending spouse than your guests. And if anyone needs the friendly gestures more, it would be the couples. Wedding favors are a nice gesture, but they ramp up costs quickly. Skipping them altogether should never be out of the question.

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