10 Twists on the Traditional Bachelorette Party That Brides Will Actually Enjoy

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Are you tired of traditional bachelorette party ideas like going to a nightclub or hiring a male stripper to entertain your friends before your wedding day? Many brides-to-be consider skipping the bachelorette party entirely because they aren’t a fan of the conventional ways they’re typically done. Perhaps you’re an introvert, or maybe you just don’t like a lot of attention. You’re on the hunt for something fun, enjoyable, and low-key.

Unique Bachelorette Party Activities to Consider

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The good news is there are so many other ways to celebrate the transition into marriage with your best girlfriends that may be more your style. Check out this list of unique ideas to consider for a non-traditional bachelorette party!

1. Escape Room

escape room

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If you love solving puzzles and mysteries as a team, you could sign yourself and your friends up for an incredible escape room experience to celebrate.

Gather your gals at your local escape room center to solve a murder mystery or escape from an abandoned prison. The options are endless, and no matter what theme you choose, you’ll have ample time to bond with your friends before the big day.

2. Go Camping


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Whether you’re a rough-it-out camper or prefer bringing all your everyday amenities to your outdoor adventure, you can host an exciting bachelorette camping trip. Celebrate with your friends by gathering around the campfire with smores and taking gorgeous hikes through your local camping spot.

3. Head to the Beach

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Take the party to the beach! You could host an exciting night on the beach for dancing, drinking, hanging out, or a day of fun in the sun with your girlfriends. Bring the booze, snacks, and balloons for a bachelorette party no one will forget. You could even incorporate a mermaid theme!

4. Girl’s Night Slumber Party

Girl's Night Slumber Party

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Remember how much fun you had at your best friends’ middle-school slumber parties? Bring back the classic sleepover for your bachelor party. You could host your girls at your home or rent out an Instagram-worthy Airbnb for the night to paint each other’s nails, share secrets, and play board games.

5. Karaoke Night

Girls Karaoke Night

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Belt out your favorite songs to release stress with your best friends before your big day when you have a karaoke night bachelorette party. You could incorporate karaoke into your slumber party or seek out a karaoke bar to celebrate.

6. Wine Tasting Event

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Instead of getting drunk with the girls at a club like a typical bachelorette party, you can sip wine in a gorgeous vineyard in elegant summer dresses. Wine-tasting events are a classy way to celebrate with your friends before your wedding day.

7. Drag Show

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Bachelorette parties are all about bringing up the hype before your big day, and what could be more exciting than a drag show? Whether you opt for a late-night show or attend drag brunch, you’ll have a blast laughing and singing with your girlfriends as you sip drinks and watch the show.

8. Concert

Attending concert with friends

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Are any of your favorite artists coming to town before your wedding? Attending a concert with your best friends can be a fantastic non-traditional setting for a bachelorette party. Jam out with friends to great music and get a chance to knock seeing an excellent musician off your bucket list.

9. High Tea

Tea party with friends

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What could be more elegant than dressing up for a fancy high tea ceremony with your girlfriends? If you’re looking for a quiet and tasteful way to celebrate your bachelorette party, visiting a lovely teahouse for a full-course high tea is a fantastic idea. Enjoy delicious cucumber sandwiches and miniature cakes while you bond with your besties.

10. Spa Trip


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For those who love to be pampered, a spa-themed bachelorette party is a must-go. Visit your local spa for a full-treatment service with your friends so you can relax together before the stresses of your wedding day begin.

This story was inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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