Wedding No-nos: 10 Controversial Things That Don’t Belong in Your Wedding

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In 2024, having a genuinely unique wedding is becoming increasingly difficult. Times are changing, and with it, wedding trends are evolving as well. Recently, people revealed controversial things that don’t belong in your wedding. Their findings are eye-opening for anyone planning a wedding in the future!

1. The Garter Toss

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Some wedding traditions, like the garter toss, have gone out of style in recent years. At best, it’s a ho-hum wedding activity; at worst, the garter toss is weird and makes many guests uncomfortable. “Early on in the wedding planning, my fiance said, ‘The garter toss thing seems kinda raunchy and misogynistic. Do we have to do that? I don’t think I want to do that,'” reveals one woman. Her husband makes a good point; we should all move on from this antiquated tradition.

2. Boring Plated Food Options

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I’m tired of boring, plated food options. It feels like every wedding, I have the same three choices: An overcooked filet mignon (or overcooked short rib if the couple is trying to save a few bucks), an overcooked salmon, or a bizarre meatless dish that nobody would dare eat. It’s time for weddings to embrace unique food options! I attended a wedding last month that offered a make-your-own taco bar, burger bar, and plenty of finger food. Honestly, it’s all we needed!

3. Excessive Signage

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The amount of money spent on needless, excessive wedding signage is incredible. We all have eyes; we can use them to identify different areas of the reception hall correctly, can’t we? One person puts it all into perspective. “The guestbook table is the one with the guestbook, the gift table is the one with gifts, and the bar is the one with glasses and alcohol,” one woman sensibly points out.

4. Throwing the Bouquet

Throwing the Bouquet

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Like the garter toss, throwing the bouquet is a relic from a bygone era (although it’s infinitely less misogynistic). Recently, weddings I’ve attended haven’t featured the bouquet toss, and to the surprise of no one, the weddings were still massively fun and successful! While it’s undoubtedly an old-school tradition, I don’t think anyone would complain if this activity was done away with entirely.

5. Keeping the Bride Hidden Away Until the Ceremony

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Why are brides and grooms still stuck in the never-ending cycle of saying hello to their guests during the reception in lieu of actually enjoying themselves? As one person explains, if we stopped keeping the bride hidden away, it would give the couple much more breathing room. “The first view of the bride does not need to happen during the processional,” confesses one groom. “We did our photos and family photos an hour before the ceremony. A few people did see her in her dress, and so did I. But at the cocktail hour, we could talk to a bunch of people and didn’t have to spend dinner running from table to table.” It makes a lot of sense to me!

6. A Fancy, Expensive Cake

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Expensive wedding cakes are so last decade! I cringe whenever I see an extravagant, pricey wedding cake sitting in the corner of a reception hall. I think, “How much money did this cake cost?” In fact, many brides and grooms confess that their cake was prohibitively expensive, and if they had to plan their wedding all over again, they would not have a cake at all. In 2023, many couples feature cupcakes, which are infinitely less expensive and just as crowd-pleasing!

7. A Typical Wedding DJ

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Have we ever witnessed an honest-to-God fantastic DJ performing at a wedding? I sure haven’t. Weddings that have featured a Spotify playlist controlling the music instead of an overpaid wedding DJ have been just as enjoyable. Many couples designate one person as the de facto MC of the reception instead; this person is responsible for keeping the party going and directing guests to different activities!

8. Additional Comfortable Seating

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I chuckle whenever I see additional seating at a wedding that goes far beyond traditional tables and chairs. As one person explains, they rarely get used and are a colossal waste of money! “Don’t worry about having additional cozy seating or decor seating,” advises one woman. “People will just pull up chairs to tables or stand and talk. I usually see the chairs go to waste unless someone’s posing for a picture.” It’s advised the bride and groom to save their money for something other than ridiculously-designed decor seating.

9. Full-length Parent Dances

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Let’s be honest: Mother-son and father-daughter dances are sweet and adorable, but any dance lasting longer than a minute or two quickly becomes unbearable. Countless couples recommend trimming down these dance songs to about 90 seconds; the days of an excruciating mother-son dance lasting a full five minutes of an overplayed song should be long behind all of us.

10. Extravagant Centerpieces

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Nobody remembers wedding centerpieces. It doesn’t matter if they’re made of toilet paper or solid gold; nobody will remember them, ever. If couples want to save their hard-earned money, they’ll eliminate centerpieces of any kind from their wedding budget. Not only will their wallets thank them, but their wedding guests won’t even notice!

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